Workshop Cruises rock!

Workshop Cruises rock!

12 years ago we held our very first Colored Pencil Workshop Cruise to Mexico.

We had two dozen fun-loving participants and everyone had such a blast that week on board that we've continued to hold two cruise workshops a year since 2004. Our Alaskan Workshop Cruise next May will be our 24th colored pencil cruise!

The Alaskan Cruise starts in beautiful Seattle, a destination city in and of itself, with the beautiful Puget Sound plus the Cascades and Olympic mountain ranges.

Workshops are held on the At Sea days so no one ever misses any of the port stops. Usually, the first full day at sea is a workshop day. Our classrooms are dedicated conference rooms that are comfortable, quiet and roomy enough for a large class and tons of colored pencils. No matter the ports, it seems most students feel the highlight of every cruise are the workshops! We work hard to make sure all three workshops teach something different - whether that's a difference in paper surface used, or techniques or subject matter. In one week, students learn three totally different approaches to colored pencil.


The teachers on the next Alaskan Cruise are pretty darned impressive - both having just won top awards in the CPSA International Exhibition last month.

Jesse Lane will be teaching a project where you'll learn his techniques for skin tones, eyes and water on skin - which is something Jesse is very well known for. Here is a sampling of Jesse's stunning work:

Denise Howard will be teaching a project featuring one of her exquisite butterflies as well as showing you how to create her soft, blurred backgrounds which is a fabulous skill to learn. Here is a sampling of Denise's beautiful work:

Yours truly, Ann Kullberg will be teaching a new project in May - a toddler girl this time! Here's a sample of my own work:

Here are some photos from previous Alaskan Workshop Cruises to tantalize you. We have just 8 spots open on our next colored pencil workshop cruise. Info here >

Ketchikan's charming Creek Street

What a view from on board!

Lunch with a view...this is on board the ship!

Glaciar Bay!!!

Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC - our last port

Butchart's Japanese Garden - a must see

Staterooms are small but lovely

Dining together is half the fun.

Colored Pencil Cruises are a blast - plain & simple!

Call our Cruise Desk today to learn more.

Talk to Jim at 1-800-253-0116

Hope to meet you on board in May!

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Hi I have a question about your cruise workshop. I was wondering how much it would cost for the course if we were already on the cruise and wanted to take the course? Also does the workshop include all the supplies??

Diane Greenhorn - Aug 11, 2016

I would love more information about any cruises that are planned for the near future. Please put me on a mailing list
thank you.

shelby allen - Aug 11, 2016

Please add me to your mailing list for cruises or any other colored pencil travel workshops you plan in the future.

Thank you!

Carol Balabanow - Aug 11, 2016

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