15th Annual COLOR Magazine Member Show


 Held every spring, this annual show is open to all subscribers of Ann Kullberg's Colored Pencil Magazine.

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10 x 8

Kathleen Burke

19.25 x 10.5
Irina Garmashova-Cawton

Three Too Many
10.25 x 8
Iris Stripling

My Climbing Grandson
10 x 8
Jack Evans

New Berth
12 x 9
Joyce Norfolk

Looking Back
10 x 9.5
Lis Zadravec

Skimmer at Franklin Pond
13 x 10
Sharon Hester

Red Bells
10 x 8
Virginia Carroll

Lily Bright
10 x 8
Shari Pope

A Touch of Red
9.5 x 7.5
Linda Barnhill


15.5 x 15.5
Julie Podstolski

Giant of the Serengeti
20 x 13
P. Craig Ellertson


Green Vase in the Morning
14 x 11
Andrew Purdy

I've Got my Eye on You!!
8.25 x 9
Bob Labelle

Gommes Ballounes
11 x 8
Manon LeClerc

Cool Dog
13 x 11
Margaret Howard

Bailey Blue Eyes
10 x 8
Virginia Benker

19.5 x 15.5
DJ Murray

First Day Home
10 x 8
Janice Norton

Labour of Love
11.5 x 11
Judith Selcuk

12 x 9
Cynthia Embree-Lavoie

Little Messenger

16 x 12
Anita Maxson

Dear Dad
30 x 20
Barbara Dahlstedt

Water Girl

14 x 11
Susan Hilton
Little Gavin
12 x 9
Ginette Cormier

A Stable Relationship
12 x 10
Cynthia Knox

Porcelain Berry Vine
10 x 8
Alison Philpott

Russian Bead Girl
13 x 11
Carol Ballard

Aloe Mawii
16.53 x 11.69
Jenny Haslimeier

Mia and Piggy

10 x 8
Lorraine Marcketta

Young Maui Gold Pineapple
13.5 x 10
Diana Ranstrom

Return to Eden
30 x 22
Lori Sutherland

18 x 13
Sylvia Westgard

Big Blue Love
11.81 x 7.84
Brigitte Courte

11 x 8
Becky Neideffer

Roses and Poppy
10 x 8
Cathy Pascoe

I Need This One
12 x 7.5
Robin Borrett

Baby's Baby
10 x 8
Kathe Suddendorf

14 x 11
Jolene Stinson Williams

Gracie Jane
9 x 8
Loretta Casler

Sense of Wonder
16 x 20
Susie Tenzer

13 x 11
Mary Beth Lesko

The Yin and the Yang of It
17 x 14
Sherri VanSchaick

10 x 8
Pat Yolton

10 x 6.69
Vania Vanni

Rochelle IV
10 x 10
Philippe Thomas

Smiles & Morel Mushrooms 92
8 x 8.5
Charlotte Hastings

Yum, Buns
11 x 8
Linda Killingsworth

Special Delivery
10 x 8
Cindy Dooley

Maclintock V
25 x 22
Helen Bailey

10 x 10
Lisa Ann Watkins

Will Too Will Not...

Will McKinley
12 x 9
Sally Jarnot


Shadow Abby
18.5 x 27
Holly Siniscal

11 x 14
Gretchen Evans Parker

Canada Geese
11 x 14
Dina Buckley

Snow Treats

7 x 14
Kitty Dodd

Them Basses
8.5 x 12
Faith Wheeler

8 x 10.5
June Wright

Ute Dancers
18 x 24
Susan Moyer

September Dahlia
12.5 x 15
Rebecca Mallory

11 x 14
Janet Ellington Horton

Llama, Llama
8.25 x 12.5
Elizabeth Dobes

Born in the Land of the Gods
11 x 15
Titika Faraklou

Sun Bathers
8 x 10
Dona Rhodes


On a Down Time Train
14 x 17
Gina Rugito-Anderson

Brothers and Sister
11 x 14
Paula Powers

Squirrel Jam
11 x 16.5
Dan Stancliff

Eye on the Fly
10 x 14
Linda Phillabaum

Repairing the Sails
12 x 18
Carol E. Maltby

Purple Iris
9.5 x 12.5
Kathryn Ramsey

Kelsie Yorkie
11 x 14
Ruth Ann Wheeler

Girl with a Jack Wills Bag
11.5 x 15.25
Julie Maguire

Nature's Gifts
12 x 16
Karen Hull

Ahh-qua Fur
13.5 x 17
Sandra Godfrey

Beach Buddies
17 x 21.5
Diane Siracusa

Wave Sculpture
12 x 16
Peter Nelson

Upper Bear Creek, Spring
8 x 10
Dan Miller

Peruvian Hat Trick
8.4 x 11
Angela Bartlett

8.5 x 10.5
Cathi Bartels

Mad Martha's Gossip
8 x 10
Elizabeth Guthrie

11 x 14
Barbara Hess

Sunflower II
10 x 12
Penny Pallister

Nosey Cow
12 x 16
Hazel Tucker

Monarola Row Boat
8 x 10
Edie Walker

5 x 7
Joshua Braswell

Left Behind
15 x 21
Jan Falter

8 x 10
Karel Armstrong

Hens and Chicks
8.5 x 10.5
Mary Keininger

The Involucre
5 x 6
Deirdre Mackintosh

Three Amigos
12 x 16
Judi Honeychurch

Drops of Autumn
7 x 11
Sonia McKinlay

14.5 x 21
Sherry Telle

Bee's Workstation
6.5 x 10
Judy Moritz

6.8 x 13.4
Lene Daugaard

Our Juror - Cheryl Metzger

Cheryl Metzger is a colored pencil artist from the small town of Felicity in Southeast Ohio, five miles from the Ohio River. Her and her husband own a farm and live in a log house. Wild animals and wild flowers abound. She is never at a loss for painting subjects. Almost everyday is filled with photographs of humming birds, cardinals, sycamore trees and all of God’s wonders. She has given private classes in oil, taught at the Vocational School, and meets with a group every Tuesday to critique and draw. She still takes classes every chance she gets.She has been privileged to have had classes from Cecile Baird, Ann Kullberg, Linda Lucas Hardy, Gemma Gyling, Debbie Hook, Pat Averil, Eileen Sorg, Kristy Kutch, and others. She belongs to the Ohio River Art Guild, Chapter 119, and CPSA. This summer she hopes to receive her Signature Status at the International CPSA show in Daytona Beach. Colored pencil has been such a pleasurable addition to her life. It opened up a world of color, sunshine, and friends!  “Creativity is more than art, it’s a key that unlocks our basic goodness.”

Juror's Statement

Judging Ann Kullberg’s 15th Annual Members Show was a daunting task but a very rewarding one. As I contemplated each piece I was courted by the artist. The mood, the color, the composition, the skill of the artist, and the overall feeling that the piece provoked were all important. Some jumped right out at me while others were subtle and unexpected. Everyone that entered should be proud to have their work shown on line to so many. Congratulations!

Best of Show: "Shadow Abby" - Holly Siniscal

This is a sensitive and masterfully rendered piece of art. You have the young girl with a “tough” expression but still an overall vulnerable look. She perfectly matches the rusty, slightly tainted background. In one word: Powerful. You are taken in – you want to know more about her and the rest of the story.

1st Place: "On a Down Time Train" - Gina Anderson

Here we can see a statement concerning the human condition. Every person is relaxing in their own little world – not looking at each other or talking. The colorful seats are in direct contrast to the overall mood. Your eye moves to the door in anticipation. There is so much to see in this piece and so much feeling.

2nd Place:  "Green Vase in the Morning" - Andrew Purdy

You can feel the morning sun on the floor surrounding the sparkling vase. The green vase is perfectly rendered with every little reflection and turn.   That slight green streak of light in the shadows grabs the viewer’s attention and admiration.

3rd Place:  "Tableau" - Julie Podstolski

So interesting. So much to look at and to ponder. The old drawing on the wall grabs your attention first and then you realize that the lady and the dog are so similar to the drawing. This piece is captivating, drawing you in until you have seen every little detail.

Honorable Mention

“Nature’s Gifts” by Karen Hull – masterfully rendered

“Sinbad” by Barbara Hess – color harmony at its best

“Hen and Chicks” by Mary Keininger – realistic, good lighting, pleasant composition

“Dear Dad” by Barbara Dahlstedt – sentimental and touching piece

“Smiles and Morel Mushrooms 92” by Charlotte Hastings – captured the sparkling personality so well

“Them Basses” by Faith Wheeler –  good composition, light and reflections

“Cool Dog” by Margaret Howard – Realistically rendered

“Born in the Land of the Gods” by Titika Faraklou – interesting and wonderful feeling