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I know the price for all 3 webinars is fairly high. Each one is pretty much a stand-alone course, though. Taking just
Webinar 3, if you're familiar with my portrait book, would be very helpful. It really does include video that shows much more than you can possibly see in an in-person workshop because the camera is so close and unobstructed.  I have a fair amount of costs involved: equipment, software, assistants and I personally have put in over 200 hours of work in planning, filming, organizing, writing and editing just Webinar 3!X

Why are the Webinars expensive?

Someone emailed me saying my webinars were too expensive and that I'd sell many more if they were cheaper. My latest LIVE Webinar is priced at $44.99.  Although It's a live webinar, it also includes a DVD shipped to you, a PDF that includes the photo reference for the portrait project, a line drawing to trace, 28 step by steps,... View more