COLOR Magazine's 24th Annual Member Show - 2023

Color Magazine's Annual Member Show is designed to showcase artwork from our subscribers of all levels. This year's show was juried by last year's Best of Show winner, Peggy Magovern, in three categories: Beginner, Advanced, and Professional artists. Peggy has chosen First , Second, Third, and Honorable Mention award winners in each category, and a Best in Show overall winner.

The level of talent on display this year is just incredible, and we know you will enjoy a leisurely stroll through the show, viewing artwork from each of these talented participants.  (And if you are not a COLOR Magazine subscriber, join us and enter your artwork next year!)




This was SO difficult! I would have added more awards if I could have.

I am amazed at the talent out there and proud of everyone who took the opportunity – or as we all think at times, the chance – to be chosen for an award. But truth be told, everyone was chosen for recognition!

We all know that it is unnerving for an artist to put themselves "out there."  But because you all have met that challenge, it earns you a place in the creative world. Continue to express yourself visually, as everyone has the right to offer their own perspective, style... and especially, what is close to their heart.
— Peggy Magovern


My career has seen phases,  beginning with internationally published commercial and editorial illustration, followed by fine art for both gallery and juried shows (that most recently included the De Young Museum in San Francisco), to currently working in art instruction for both local in-person and international online classes and workshops.

The one constant to these phases was the medium:  colored pencil. I have certainly applied the hours needed to hone and practice my technical ability. But thankfully, I discovered how to manipulate the application of this medium and welcomed the creative variety it offered to my work.

In short, I believe that to be a miserable artist is to do only what the artist already knows, for creativity is the expression of the artist's ever evolving journey through a lifetime of experience.

My work can be viewed at and a podcast with John Middick of the Sharpened Artist is available here (click the link at the top of the screen), describing my highs and lows as an artist. Once you click on the link below, then click at the top of the page.

Peggy Magovern

"Carol with the Blue Sweater,” 18”x 24"
by Peggy Magovern

"Millie,” 20”x 16"
by Peggy Magovern

"Zee," 8" x 5" by Peggy Magivern