20th Annual COLOR Magazine Member Show

The 20th Annual COLOR Magazine Member Show is juried by the Best of Show winner from last year, Carol E Maltby. Read her comments at the bottom of this page. Prizes for this show were sponsored by:

The annual colored pencil show is open to all subscribers of Ann Kullberg's COLOR magazine. Click on an artist's name to visit their website. Click on any image to enlarge.
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Gutenberg Bible 1583 by Alison Philpott
1st Place

Geneva Bible 1583
10 x 8
Alison Philpott

Imara by Debra Marvin Imara

16 x 20
Debra Marvin

The Bargain Hunter by Nathalie Beck

The Bargain Hunter
16 x 12
Nathalie Beck

Tres Beau by Kathleen Smith

Tres Beau
15 x 25
Kathleen Smith

Gourds by Patricia Hovis-French

7 x 5
Patricia Hovis-French

Old School by Sandra Weiland

Old School
8 x 10
Sandra Weiland

Black and White on Red by Linda Feeley

Black and White on Red
5 x 7
Linda Feeley

The Roses by Lis Zadravec

The Roses
13 x 18
Lis Zadravec

Rouge et Bottines by Manon LeClerc

Rouge et Bottines
11 x 13
Manon LeClerc

Monster by Heather March

7 x 8.5
Heather March

Come Fly With Me by Lynda McIlmoil

Come Fly With Me
7.98 x 10.2
Lynda McIlmoil

Buccelletti Olive Press, Retired by Randi Mackey

Buccelletti Olive Press, Retired
24 x 18
Randi Mackey

Acrobats of the Sky by Tina Pilgrim

Acrobats of the Sky
8 x 10
Tina Pilgrim

Yellow Tulip by Carolyn Langley

Yellow Tulip
9 x 12
Carolyn Langley

The Watch by Karen Dimaio

The Watch
8 x 10
Karen Dimaio

Abundant Beauty by Robin Manelis

Abundant Beauty
16 x 20
Robin Manelis

The Unveiling by Andria Burchett

The Unveiling
12 x 8
Andria Burchett

Sunlit by Faith Wheeler

9 x 16
Faith Wheeler

When Pig Flies by Jan Fagan

When Pig Flies
9 x 12
Jan Fagan

Color of Autumn by Lynda Sprague

Color of Autumn
8.5 x 10
Lynda Sprague

Whoa by Ute Kosklie

15.5 x 23.5
Ute Kosklie

Bird of Paradise by John Guiseppi

Bird of Paradise
10 x 15
John Guiseppi

Ghost Cats by Susan Grimwood

Ghost Cats
9 x 12
Susan Grimwood

Golden Knight by Suzanne Marcil

Golden Knight
15 x 13
Suzanne Marcil

Up at the Quack of Dawn by Kathryn Hansen

Up at the Quack of Dawn
13 x 17.5
Kathryn Hansen

Lazu by Ruth Paul

8 x 10
Ruth Paul

Precious Visitor by Betty Ford

Precious Visitor
8 x 10
Betty Ford

The Beautiful Lily by Jayashree Sadasivan

The Beautiful Lily
9.5 x 7.5
Jayashree Sadasivan

Mac by Lisa Ann Watkins

12 x 16
Lisa Ann Watkins

Pete's Benz by Susan Grimm

Pete's Benz
10 x 14
Susan Grimm

Caliente!! by Becky Eileen Eller

7 x 20
Becky Eileen Eller

Hear Me Roar by Brenda Kerton

Hear Me Roar
9 x 11
Brenda Kerton

Bright New Beginnings 1 by Kim Keys

Bright New Beginnings 1
6 x 6
Kim Keys

Vincent by Lorraine Marcketta

14 x 18
Lorraine Marcketta

She Ain't Heavy (Sisters I) by Sarah Binns

She Ain't Heavy (Sisters I)
14 x 10
Sarah Binns

Grey's Tree Frog by Sandy Eppert

Grey's Tree Frog
7.5 x 8
Sandy Eppert

Lean On Me by Scott Krohn

Lean On Me
13 x 28
Scott Krohn

A Boy in an Orange Jacket by Yana Gifford

A Boy in an Orange Jacket
12 x 16
Yana Gifford

Last Train Home by Bonnie Sheckter
3rd Place

Last Train Home
13.75 x 13
Bonnie Sheckter

Grey Crested Cranes by Fiona Nichols

Grey Crested Cranes
13.75 x 19.7
Fiona Nichols

Barn Owl Neighbor by Sue Betanzos

Barn Owl Neighbor
6 x 7
Sue Betanzos

Sand Between Your Toes by Donna Yarbrough

Sand Between Your Toes
8 x 6
Donna Yarbrough

My Infancy by Takuma Jodai

My Infancy
11.7 x 8.3
Takuma Jodai

Havana by Brenda Levert

9 x 10
Brenda Levert

Afternoon Graze by Carrie Lewis

Afternoon Graze
8 x 10
Carrie Lewis

Potential by Diane Masek-Blow

9 x 11
Diane Masek-Blow

Entrance To Kingwood by Dennis Copp

Entrance To Kingwood
16 x 20
Dennis Copp

Gertie by Hal Radugge

10 x 8
Hal Radugge

Clamming at Kalaloch by Joyce Norfolk

Clamming at Kalaloch
8 x 17
Joyce Norfolk

A Glimpse of Animal Sweetness by Adare Diers

A Glimpse of Animal Sweetness
8 x 10
Adare Diers

Sunflower on Black Paper by penny pallister

Sunflower on Black Paper
12 x 16
Penny Pallister

Grow in Grace by Jane Kalmbach

Grow in Grace
14 x 18
Jane Kalmbach

Mr. Willie Christmas by Lindsey Boyer

Mr. Willie Christmas
8 x 10
Lindsey Boyer

Foxxxyyy by Jerry Speer

8 x 8
Jerry Speer

Threshersaurus by Anda Chance

10 x 24.5
Anda Chance

Wary by Jody Landgrebe

16 x 20
Jody Landgrebe

Along RR1 by Pat Carnett

Along RR1
9 x 12
Pat Carnett

The Colors of Dusk by Kitty Dodd

The Colors of Dusk
7 x 15
Kitty Dodd

Poco Perritto (Tiny Puppy) by Lorri Dixon

Poco Perritto (Tiny Puppy)
14 x 12
Lorri Dixon

The Lighting Shop by Maria Villioti
People's Choice

The Lighting Shop
19 x 14
Maria Villioti

The Rusty Chain by Wilfrid Barbier

The Rusty Chain
14 x 11
Wilfrid Barbier

Simply Steller by Tracey Chaykin

Simply Steller
8 x 10
Tracey Chaykin

Family Roots by Susan Miller

Family Roots
19 x 26
Susan Miller

My First Fall by Katie Swain

My First Fall
11.5 x 8.5
Katie Swain

Mischief by Sandra Shepley

15.5 x 10.5
Sandra Shepley

Grate Expectations by Karen Smith

Grate Expectations
19 x 14
Karen Smith

Komodo Dragon - Quiet Menace by Sherry Goeben

Komodo Dragon - Quiet Menace
11 x 14
Sherry Goeben

My Left Brain Ate My Right Brain and Spit This Out by Kathleen Collins

My Left Brain Ate My Right Brain and Spit This Out
9 x 11
Kathleen Collins

Montreal Dahlia Beauty by Cindy Wiltse

Montreal Dahlia Beauty
11 x 8.5
Cindy Wiltse

A Moment in Time by Isobel Buckley

A Moment in Time
16 x 16
Isobel Buckley

Center Stage by Juanita Threlkeld

Center Stage
16 x 20
Juanita Threlkeld

Memory Cards by Jeanette Bastian

Memory Cards
13 x 10.5
Jeanette Bastian

What's Up? by Chantal Marcotte

What's Up?
21 x 27
Chantal Marcotte

Reservoir by Pamela Clements

12.5 x 20
Pamela Clements

Waning Days of Summer by Katrina Benson

Waning Days of Summer
12 x 18
Katrina Benson

Zoo Day with Papa by Susan Morris

Zoo Day with Papa
12 x 18
Susan Morris

I Heard it Through the Grapevine by Karen Vleck

I Heard it Through the Grapevine
9 x 12
Karen Vleck

Hidden Beauty by Allison Doatch

Hidden Beauty
14 x 20
Allison Doatch

Oli and Tess by John Irvine

Oli and Tess
8.5 x 9
John Irvine

On The Wing by Gloria Edwards

On The Wing
9 x 12
Gloria Edwards

Glossy Black Cockatoo by Kathryn Lewis

Glossy Black Cockatoo
15 x 20
Kathryn Lewis

Reunion by Tara M. Santoro

9 x 12
Tara M. Santoro

Scentsation by Cynthia Knox, CPSA

16 x 11
Cynthia Knox, CPSA

Portrait of Onopordum by Irina Garmashova-Cawton

Portrait of Onopordum
15 x 22
Irina Garmashova-Cawton

Intrigue by Julie Podstolski

13.7 x 9.8
Julie Podstolski

The Tea Party by Gretchen Parker

The Tea Party
19 x 10.5
Gretchen Parker

Forgotten Treasures by Janet Ellington Horton

Forgotten Treasures
9 x 12
Janet Ellington Horton

Summer Green Rain by Mailee Andrew

Summer Green Rain
11 x 14
Mailee Andrew

Firewatchers by Lori Willis

8 x 10
Lori Willis

Lady by Sandra Senior

11 x 8
Sandra Senior

Pondering by Susan Wehrman

18 x 24
Susan Wehrman

Sleepyhead by Angela Bartlett

9.5 x 7
Angela Bartlett

Growth by Stefan Bernard

20 x 24
Stefan Bernard

Artful Gathering by Marsha Gilger

Artful Gathering
16 x 20
Marsha Gilger

Sam by Cathie Horrell

22 x 30
Cathie Horrell

Refreshing by Neelima Roy Patibandla

11 x 14
Neelima Roy Patibandla

The Great Grey Owl by John Dorsh

The Great Grey Owl
9 x 15
John Dorsh

Floating on Clouds by Patricia Andril

Floating on Clouds
16 x 20
Patricia Andril

Wink's Hope by Jodi Ferguson

Wink's Hope
6 x 8
Jodi Ferguson

R.A.F. Tribute Window by Paul Hunt

R.A.F. Tribute Window
25.5 x 19
Paul Hunt

A Study of Gideon by Pamela Sutton

A Study of Gideon
9 x 12
Pamela Sutton

Pepperoni by Susanne McGuire

8 x 10
Susanne McGuire

The Illumination of Innocence by Judith Selcuk

The Illumination of Innocence
11.75 x 16.5
Judith Selcuk

Spring Tulips by Sarah Bowsher

Spring Tulips
5.5 x 11.5
Sarah Bowsher

Just the Two of Us by Alma Cartaya

Just the Two of Us
8.75 x 6
Alma Cartaya

See You Bro! by Giddy Richt

See You Bro!
12 x 12
Giddy Richt

Line of Love and Love by Imai Atsushi

Line of Love and Love
28.6 x 19.685
Imai Atsushi

Blue Eyes by Petra Sokolová

Blue Eyes
8.27 x 11.69
Petra Sokolová

Wheels in Time by Tammy Hoffert

Wheels in Time
18 x 24
Tammy Hoffert

Yoda by Linda Hardman

8 x 10
Linda Hardman

Bluebonnet's Envy by Renee Reid

Bluebonnet's Envy
12 x 9
Renee Reid

The Path of Hidden Blessings by Karen Hull

The Path of Hidden Blessings
9 x 12
Karen Hull

Fall Majesty by Dawn Bremer

Fall Majesty
5 x 7
Dawn Bremer

Kitty Love by Kathy Gibson

Kitty Love
11 x 14
Kathy Gibson

World of Boulder & Stream by Andrea Placer

World of Boulder & Stream
11 x 16
Andrea Placer

Baby in Bed by Robin Rudolph

Baby in Bed
9 x 12
Robin Rudolph

Summer Dancer by Julie Ann Maguire

Summer Dancer
10 x 10
Julie Ann Maguire

Zeus by Tina Reyes

8 x 10
Tina Reyes

There is Always Time for Jellybeans by Ceil Van Winkle

There is Always Time for Jellybeans
12 x 9
Ceil Van Winkle

Aged Elegance by David Neace

Aged Elegance
17 x 22
David Neace

Rocky Cat by Marilyn Nixon

Rocky Cat
9.5 x 7
Marilyn Nixon

Hannah by Nancy Fanzini

7 x 8
Nancy Fanzini

Copper Pot by Colette Lee

Copper Pot
9 x 12
Colette Lee

Keeper of Memories by Sharon Siew Suan Kow

Keeper of Memories
14 x 20
Sharon Siew Suan Kow

#WomanInSTEM - A Self-Portrait by Carla René

#WomanInSTEM - A Self-Portrait
6 x 9
Carla René

Angel by Denise Wilson

12 x 10
Denise Wilson

Joyful Display by Diana Ranstrom

Joyful Display
10 x 14
Diana Ranstrom

Beautiful Blue by Annette Kirk

Beautiful Blue
9 x 12
Annette Kirk

Radiance by Sheri Ruben

11 x 14
Sheri Ruben

Summer Serenity by Pauline Clay

Summer Serenity
14 x 9
Pauline Clay

Callie by Denise Cwik

7 x 5
Denise Cwik

Festival of the Dead by Denise Martinson

Festival of the Dead
16 x 20
Denise Martinson

Warm by Silvia D'Almeida

11.69 x 8.27
Silvia D'Almeida

Not Just Pink by Irma Murray

Not Just Pink
5 x 7
Irma Murray

Three Dog Point by Shannon Johnson

Three Dog Point
16 x 20
Shannon Johnson

Cool Girl Whirl by Cheryl Caro

Cool Girl Whirl
15 x 17
Cheryl Caro

Tangled by Janki Chokshi

18 x 24
Janki Chokshi

Thirsty by Anna Sisler

10 x 11
Anna Sisler

Custom Finial (Neo) by Patricia Gauss

Custom Finial (Neo)
12 x 9
Patricia Gauss

Love Yourself First by JoAnn Ray

Love Yourself First
10.5 x 15.75
JoAnn Ray

Where's Hippo? by Cynthia Embree-Lavoie

Where's Hippo?
8 x 10
Cynthia Embree-Lavoie

Butterfly Girl by JoAnn Morgan Smith

Butterfly Girl
16 x 11
JoAnn Morgan Smith

Proud as a Peacock by Judy K Lines-McFadden

Proud as a Peacock
8 x 10
Judy K Lines-McFadden

Afternoon in Yellowstone by Rhonda Dicksion

Afternoon in Yellowstone
12 x 16
Rhonda Dicksion

Feed My Soul by Ashley Roll

Feed My Soul
8 x 10
Ashley Roll

I Don't Wanna Grow Up by Charlotte Hastings

I Don't Wanna Grow Up
9 x 12
Charlotte Hastings

Unprivate World by Alexey Kosarev

Unprivate World
11 x 15
Alexey Kosarev

Heirloom Tomatoes 2 by Sharon Frank Mazgaj

Heirloom Tomatoes 2
15 x 19
Sharon Frank Mazgaj

Golden Ginkgos by Karen Saleen

Golden Ginkgos
8 x 10
Karen Saleen

Reunion by Jill Parry Marchese

12 x 16
Jill Parry Marchese

Zebra Badeebra by Mary Beth Lesko

Zebra Badeebra
13 x 9
Mary Beth Lesko

Threesome by Caryn Coville

15.5 x 16
Caryn Coville

Hungry by Lynn Williams

9 x 12
Lynn Williams

Bella says Cheese! by Debbie Fischer

Bella says Cheese!
12 x 9
Debbie Fischer

I Know Who You Remind Me Of by D Y Hide

I Know Who You Remind Me Of
16 x 12
D Y Hide

The Kindness of a King by Barbara Dahlstedt

The Kindness of a King
22 x 28
Barbara Dahlstedt

Kaleidoscope by Linda H Clark

8.5 x 10.5
Linda H Clark

Poppies and Palms by Tina White

Poppies and Palms
6 x 20
Tina White

Butter by Ana Tirolese

8 x 10
Ana Tirolese

Quality Control by Jocelyn Brandow

Quality Control
4 x 4
Jocelyn Brandow

A Riestra of Chilie Peppers by Judith Bishop

A Riestra of Chilie Peppers
14 x 11
Judith Bishop

Skull and Crossbones by Rochelle Oberholser

Skull and Crossbones
9 x 12
Rochelle Oberholser

Wayne IV at 2 by Cindy Valek Mottl

Wayne IV at 2
15 x 22
Cindy Valek Mottl

Bruno by Greg Smith

14 x 17
Greg Smith

Harvest Glory by Susan R. Donze

Harvest Glory
7 x 5
Susan R. Donze

Looking into the Sun by Emma Kerridge

Looking into the Sun
10 x 16.5
Emma Kerridge

Pure Bliss by Janice Norton

Pure Bliss
8 x 10.5
Janice Norton

Joy by Barbara Sokolowski

16 x 20
Barbara Sokolowski

Tangerine Reflections by Paco Martin
2nd Place

Tangerine Reflections
10.62 x 16.53
Paco Martin

The Hair Cut by Johanna Rebman

The Hair Cut
12 x 12
Johanna Rebman

Austin II by Michelle Smith

Austin II
11 x 14
Michelle Smith

The Interrupted Nap by Dan Stancliff

The Interrupted Nap
11 x 9.75
Dan Stancliff

Restoration Complete! by Tina Lawton

Restoration Complete!
8 x 11
Tina Lawton

Osky and Blue by Ednadis Munoz

Osky and Blue
8 x 12
Ednadis Munoz

Please Don't Go! by Geraldine Buckley

Please Don't Go!
11 x 14
Geraldine Buckley

Beauty by Marilee Sundius

6 x 6
Marilee Sundius

The Black & White Muscovy Duck in the Pond at Bower Park! by Rebecca V. O'Neil

The Black & White Muscovy Duck in the Pond at Bower Park!
11 x 14
Rebecca V. O'Neil

Costa Rican Caiman by Philip Ellertson

Costa Rican Caiman
14.75 x 27.5
Philip Ellertson

It's A Bird 006: Springtime in the Rockies by Paula Drieci

It's A Bird 006: Springtime in the Rockies
8 x 10
Paula Drieci

Quietly Confident by Angela Matuschka

Quietly Confident
7 x 11
Angela Matuschka

Thor by Linda LeBaron

11 x 14
Linda LeBaron

Nellie by Silke Kirch

9 x 12
Silke Kirch

Valentine's Day by Carmen Barros

Valentine's Day
14 x 11
Carmen Barros

Pink Rose by Connie D'Amico

Pink Rose
10 x 8
Connie D'Amico

Venice Exposed by Roxanne Musick

Venice Exposed
11 x 14
Roxanne Musick

Music Break by Nancy Paquet

Music Break
16 x 20
Nancy Paquet

Goodness by Patricia Ryan

8 x 12
Patricia Ryan

I Wood Be Knotty by GARY Dyak

I Wood Be Knotty
12 x 16
Gary Dyak

Footprints on My Heart by Karen Jones

Footprints on My Heart
16 x 16
Karen Jones

Dolphin Kisses by Nancy Honaker

Dolphin Kisses
8 x 10
Nancy Honaker

Homemade Christmas by Melodie Larsen

Homemade Christmas
8 x 10
Melodie Larsen

Exotica by Virginia Carroll, CPSA, CPX

20 x 16
Virginia Carroll, CPSA, CPX

Etive Mor, Glencoe by Stephen Dewar

Etive Mor, Glencoe
9 x 12
Stephen Dewar

Natures Kaleidoscope by Carmin Olson

Natures Kaleidoscope
18.5 x 23.5
Carmin Olson

Evening Glow by Kathy Sieloff

Evening Glow
9 x 12
Kathy Sieloff

Windy Days by Deirdre Mackintosh

Windy Days
17 x 12
Deirdre Mackintosh

Reese and Beans by Donna Everage

Reese and Beans
10.5 x 10.5
Donna Everage

Lonely Doll by Marta Oliehoek

Lonely Doll
16.5 x 11.7
Marta Oliehoek

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Juror's Statement

Juror: Carol E. Maltby
Winner of last year's Best of Show Award

  Being a self taught artist, I have been drawing since I can remember. After starting with charcoal, pencil, pen and ink, I evolved into color. Using oil paints and then colored pencils, which is what I'm doing now. My subject matter is "whatever and whenever." If the subject talks to me, I'll draw it, trying to convey my feelings into the drawing. I work mostly on Strathmore plate bristol board. I've been working in colored pencil for more than 10 years now, enjoying every minute of it.

Carol's selections for the 20th Annual Member Show Awards:

Best of Show 
Scentsation by Cynthia Knox, CPSA

Cynthia's drawing took my eye with the black background and the vivid colors in the flowers. The picture just popped. Such close attention was paid to the details in the doily and reflections on the vase added to the illusion of the drawing. The flower interact with each other making it a pleasing arrangement. The light colored rose in the middle draw your attention to the middle and then expanding to the darker flowers surrounding it, making it a good composition.

First Place 
Gutenberg Bible 1583 by Allison Philpott

Allison has dawn a thoughtful picture. She has paid close attention to details, like the pages aged with time. The over all coloring of the drawing sets it back in time coherent with the subject matter. The composition is well put together. The positioning of the blue metal piece, connecting the Bible with the rest of the picture, and ties it all together nicely.

Second Place
Tangerine Reflections by Paco Martin

This drawing catches ones eye. The brightness of the tinfoil, which is well done, and the way it crinkles catching the reflections of the tangerines, even in the crinkles, this all makes for a pleasing composition.

Third Place
Last Train Home by Bonnie Sheckter

Bonnie's drawing is not one to be taken lightly. You can look at it and see more and more. Not only does it have strong composition, it also tells a story. You wonder what the man is thinking of and looking at. The reflections don't take away from the main point of interest, but add to it. The coloring adds to the feelings of the decision.

Honorable Mentions:

The Unveiling by Andria Burchett
Bird of Paradise by John Guiseppi
Zebra Badeebra by Mary Beth Lesko
A Moment in Time by Isobel Buckley
Love Yourself First by JoAnn Ray
The Rusty Chain by Wilfrid Barbier
Valentine's Day by Carmen Barros
Lonely Doll by Marta Oliehoek