COLOR Magazine's 23rd Annual Member Show - 2022

Color Magazine's Annual Member Show is designed to showcase artwork from our subscribers of all levels. This year's show was juried by last year's Best of Show winner, Giddy Richt, in three categories: Beginner, Advanced, and Professional artists. Giddy has chosen First Place, Second Place, and Third Place award winners in each category, and a Best in Show overall winner.

We hope you enjoy the amazing artwork from each of these talented participants.  And if you are not a COLOR Magazine subscriber, join us and enter your artwork next year!




Giddy Richt

"Mood” 20”x 22 by Giddy Richt

“I Call her Maya” 20”x 26” by Giddy Richt


I did not realize by winning “Best of Show”in last year’s 22nd Annual Color Magazine Member Show that it carried the responsibility of judging this years 23rd Annual Member Show. Yikes! And what a show it is. Once you see all the entries for this year’s show, I hope you will see the magnitude of the decisions I had to make. Go easy on me, it was much worse than I anticipated. Whew! You all are too good! It seems to me that colored pencil artists are getting better and more creative than ever.

I want to thank each and every one of you who entered your artwork. It was my pleasure to look at every single drawing and imagine that artist pouring their heart into that piece. Seems ridiculous to say, but yes, you are all winners. Keep drawing, keep practicing, keep learning, keep experimenting, and keep entering your works for the world to see.

I am sure you will join me in thanking Ann Kullberg and her hardworking staff for showcasing colored pencil artwork to the fine art world!

Thanks guys!
— Giddy Richt


Giddy Richt is new to the medium of color pencil, having started about six years ago. Her background is in faux finishing and murals. No longer able to do such arduous work, she has happily stepped back into the studio to study portraiture in a representational style with a little modern twist. There are so many aspects of portraiture to learn she is sure it will take the rest of her life to begin to get to a point of where she is satisfied with her work.

The most interesting thing to her is finding those few seconds of an expression that conveys the sitter’s emotion. That fleeting moment and her questioning her ability to capture it is what keeps her going back for more!

She works exclusively on canvas because she loves the texture and ease of execution plus the result of presentation. Using her pencils, brushes, and odorless mineral spirits, she works in a back-and-forth dance of drawing/painting until the desired level of realism is achieved.

Her work can be found on Instagram at Giddyricht_art and on Facebook at Giddys Art