16th Annual COLOR Magazine Member Show


Held every spring, this annual show is open to all subscribers of Ann Kullberg's Colored Pencil Magazine.

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Water Bowl
13 x 9.5
Mike Carnie

Starlight Express
23 x 20
Helen Bailey

The Twins
14 x 11
Sara White

Shadow Play

13.25 x 10.4
Barbara La Belle

14 x 11
Allison Doatch

18 x 14
Patricia Schneider-Mitchell

Confined to the Tower
11 x 8
Julie Ann Maguire

The Guardian
13.12 x 13.12
Bob La Belle

10 x 8
JoAnn Morgan

20 x 16
Julie Podstolski

Hayden x Three
18 x 14
Jerry Thierolf

10 x 8
Linda Palmer

14 x 10
Susie Tenzer

Whispers of Africa
12 x 9
Laura Airey

Garden Girl
22 x 15
Cindy Valek Mottl

24 x 18
Barbara Dahlesdt

Two Thumbs Up
10 x 8
Angela Bartlett

18 x 15
Philippe Thomas

Opposites Attract
11 x 7
Kathryn Ramsey

Second Thoughts
19 x 16.75
Bonnie Sheckter

L'uh Me Some Gummies
24 x 18
Jennifer Carpenter

16 x 12
Karen Hull

A Row of Hostas
12 x 10
Karen James

Jewels of Life
16 x 12
Ruba Shamsi

Down by the Riverside 2
22 x 16
Barbara Moore

12 x 9
Cynthia Knox

Internal Life of the Jug
14 x 11
Irina Garmashova-Cawton

10.5 x 7.7
Lene Daugaard

Hydrangea-scape #2: Last Blush
24 x 24
John Ursillo

On Guard
16 x 11
Sharon Hester

10 x 8
Kathe Suddendorf

Do You See What I See?
10 x 9
Michelle Smith

At The Zoo With These two
14 x 11
Linda H. Clark

Portrait of an Artist
17 x 11.5
Sunil Joshi

10 x 8
Becky Neideffer

Waiting for the Parade
14 x 11
Paulette Morrissey

The Old Mission
18 x 12
Ann deMille Flood

Senor Molina (Mr Windmill)
14 x 10
Sue Clinker

My Buddy Dublin
14 x 11
Candice Coey

Chinoiserie Love: The Romance
11.8 x 8.3
Carolyn Chua

Morning Reflections
13.5 x 10.5
Mary Coffill Deveau

Cowboy Boots
15 x 11
Valorie Sams

17.5 x 11.5
Carol E. Maltby

After the Rain
14 x 11
Clare Douglas

Papaw's Best Vacation
14 x 11
Elena Martino

Puppy Leon of Chihuahua
11.7 x 8.25
Yuko Wakitani

Kissed by the Sun
12 x 8
Dawn Mastrodonato

Princess in Red
18 x 14
Mary Worsley

Snow in Main
12 x 9
Marsha Bailey

Happy Pappy
10 x 8
Deanna Christian


12 x 9
Lorraine Evans

He Got Away!
12 x 12
Jean Wixley

Orange Lilly
16 x 12
DJ Murray

The Watch Cat
11 x 11
Debbie Thornberry

15 x 15
Lis Zadravec

15 x 15
Lisa Ann Watkins

Beth and Aidan
7 x 7
Carol Leather

Conjuring Mischief
11 x 14
Sheri Engel

Sweet Reflections
10 x 8
Diana Ranstrom

Just Waiting to be Knitted
8 x 10
Dawn Bremer

Lunch Break on Sanibel Island
8 x 10
Carol Shearn

8 x 10
Johanna Rebman

11.7 x 16.5
Mary Jane Sky

Santa's Helper
20 x 16
Debbie Bowen

Miss Margarita
7.25 x 5.25
Jack Evans

10.5 x 8
Susan Smith

Dinner at Grandma's
11 x 13
Donna Lee

The Tease
11 x 14
Melanie Wallace

Your Move
9.65 x 11.11
Kathleen Hill

They Put the Fur in Furniture
15 x 22
Dan Stancliff

Blue Lakes Colorado
9 x 12
Dan Miller

Attitude Matters
9 x 12
Janki Chokshi

Open and Shut Case
16 x 20
Kitty Dodd

Shut the Door, Once
9 x 12
Linda Killingsworth

Rick and Rock
10.75 x 15
Faith Wheeler

Lolli and Pup
5 x 7
Cheryl Clark

14 x 19
Maria Villioti

8.25 x 11
Sheila Tysdal

16 x 23.4
Michelle Ripari

No More Pizza?!
10 x 8
Charlotte Hastings

Wait For Me!
8 x 10
Susan Hilton

Beach Reader
10 x 8
Elizabeth Guthrie

Morning Roll Call
11 x 14
Janice Norton

11 x 14
Michael Brazao

Rest on the Ferry
9.5 x 14.2
Karina Griffiths

Every Night I Dream of the Sea
11 x 14
Titika Faraklou

Deep Slumber
12 x 18
Nancy Jones

Tulip Twins
5 x 7
Patricia Lagopatis

Ryno at Wrigley
12 x 9
Virginia Benker

Gone On Ahead
11 x 14
Sue Ziegler

Working Hands
8 x 10
Andrea Stutesman

8 x 10
Diane Radtke

Sun Kissed
10 x 8
Linda Lilja

Circus Peanut
8 x 11
Debbie Fischer

Trailer Park Escapees
22 x 25
Christina Price

It's a Dog's Life
10 x 14
Christi Tompkins

Phoenix Park Chestnuts
11 x 14
June Wright

6 x 7
Victoria Shewbrooks

Dancing in the Street
14 x 18
Cheryl Metzger

Feeding Time
12 x 18
Mike Derossett

Boats of Color
11 x 14
Judith Selcuk

Sunny Side Up
11 x 15
Irma Murray

The Last Amaryllis
11 x 12
Maria Lemery

Missing You
8 x 10
Deanna Russell

A-Peeling Clementines
11.25 x 10.5
Iris Stripling

Dozer in the Autumn
11 x 14
Judy Ogle

Dad's Favourites
12 x 14
Deirdre Mackintosh

Two Frogs Sat Upon a Log
8 x 11
Hazel Tucker

Bone Yard
15 x 30
Andrew Purdy

10 x 6
Jan Mikina

The Four Jolly Old Men of Lydford
9 x 19.5
Peter Nelson

Crystal Clear Love
4.5 x 10.5
Kathleen Burke

My Sheep Here My Voice
16 x 7
Kim Giordano



Meet Market
9 x 30
Gretchen Parker, CPSA

Wenlock Stick Dance
10 x 16
Linsey Duncan-Pitt

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Holly Siniscal is a signature member and CIPPY award recipient of the Color Pencil Society of America (CPSA). Splitting her time between her home studio in Las Vegas, NV and the Los Angeles art scene, where her work has been featured in international juried gallery and museum exhibitions, Holly works in a range of media using colored pencil, watercolor, and pen and ink techniques. Her unique style blends moments of photographic hyper-realism with more painterly gestures, and has been featured in numerous books, print magazines, and online publications.

Our Juror - Holly Siniscal, winner of last year's Best of Show Award.

Juror's Statement

I’ve loved/hated my time together with what I feel is my family of images. We’ve had coffee in the mornings, tea in the afternoons, and occasionally wine in the evenings. For five days and nights I have visited each artwork over and over scrutinizing, enlarging, and then assigning an award. I then reassigned the awards, again and again. I’m not being arbitrary; it’s just the incredibly high skill level and uniqueness of each artwork that makes this an agony of choosing which of your children you love more.

Best of Show: "Rest on the Ferry" - Karina Griffiths

I keep coming back to this tranquil yet vivid drawing. The tenderness and contentment is made evident by Karina’s skilled portrayal. The juxtaposition between the serenity of the scene and the vibrant bold colors adds an unexpected element. The detail of the family is counterbalanced by the neutral negative spaces. The composition has a pleasing symmetry and an astute use of complementary colors. I love the saturation of colors in the reflective surfaces and especially in the bounced reflection on clothing and skin.

First place: "Internal Life of the Jug" - Irina Garmashova-Cawton

Well this just jumps out at you like an M.C. Escher drawing. Skillfully rendered and the subtle use of complementary color with that pop of red make this an interesting piece. I dare you to enlarge the drawing and look inside the kitchen reflections, its like peering into another world.

Second place: "Trailer Park Escapees" - Christina Price

The whimsical subject of this piece is presented in an almost dramatic regard with the lush blues and pinks virtually popping out at you from the black background. The composition is a perfection of detailed foreground diminishing to suggestive background with the right amount of balance with that contrary flamingo. I can’t help but smile with this one.

Third place: "On Guard" - Sharon Hester

The composition and diaphanous quality of this artwork is exquisite. Sharon’s unfocused detailed background is the perfect backdrop for the more restrained ethereal rendering of the bird. Harmony.

Honorable Mention

"Bone Yard" by Andrew Purdy - Remarkable, mad drawing skills! Breathtaking details with a rhythmical flow make this truly a stunning piece.

"Bliss" by Julie Podstolski -This is Bliss…Beautifully rendered; I love the soft pastel quality of the subject interplaying the precision and intricate details of the kimono and architecture.

"Hydrangea-scape #2: Last Blush" by John Ursillo - Masterfully rendered, the highlighted veining in the petals a marvel. I’m impressed by John’s smooth transition of light to dark and the evolution of color intensity. He has captured that golden quality of light you see, as the sun is low on the horizon.

"Two Thumbs Up" by Angela Bartlett - I just want to sink my hands into his luxuriant fur! This is a great example where the line between painting and drawing is blurred. Angela’s technique and drawing surface combined to affect a rich textural drawing that keeps drawing the eyes back to it.

"Portrait of an Artist" by Sunil Joshi - Besides his obvious skill, this portrait is fascinating because of Sunil’s use of directional pencil strokes in his subject’s skin and hair. And oh, those beautifully drawn eyes!

"Senor Molina (Mr Windmill)" by Sue Clinker - This portrait reminds me of an Andrew Wyeth watercolor. The hard and soft edges and how the artist captures the soul as well as the likeness of the subject. The handling of the beard is absolute perfection.

"Cowboy Boots" by Valorie Sams - This is beyond technical mastery and originality… the texture; perspective and colors are all brilliantly pulled together in this stunning artwork.

"Attitude Matters" by Janki Chokshi - WOW…I love the whole concept and execution of this original piece. The hyperrealism of the peacock feather is expertly executed and mind blowing.

"A-Peeling Clementines" by Iris Stripling - Lovely, the divergence between texture, color and detail make this an exquisite, expertly handled Old Masters style still life with a graphic touch.

"Meet Market" by Gretchen Parker, CPSA - Besides the fact that Gretchen is a virtuoso of the pencil, I love the fascinating and humorous vignettes in this opus to human nature.