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Judging an art show is more than just choosing your favorites...I've given awards to pieces that I don't personally love and wouldn't much want hanging in my home - but I can still appreciate the skill, composition, technique and idea behind a work that is a cut above the others.

But I digress!  I actually just wanted to talk about some of my favorites that didn't win awards.  I have loads of favorites...but here are a handful:

Janice Norton's Rosemary in Winter

Mood, mood, mood.  Janice's work always feels to me like it comes so directly from the heart that it almost feels like voyeurism to look at them.  Of course, her lighting is gorgeous and her values are wonderful, and her drawing skills are excellent - but somehow her style is so emotionally laden that it feels like peeking into a gentle soul.

A Few of my Favorites...

I've spent most of today moving this year's CP Magazine Member Show from the old website to this brand spanking new one. It's meant that I've really had a chance to re-visit the show...and I just felt like I had to say a few things about a few of my favorites.  I didn't envy Julie Podstolski at all, for her... View more