DRAW Landscapes in Colored Pencil

  • You can finally stop being afraid of landscapes!
    Maybe the scariest thing to tackle in colored pencils is a landscape. Attempting to draw great big landscapes with a teeny-tiny pencil point might seem like an impossible mission.

    These 26 master artists will show you how to break down a sprawling scene into a series of small, completely do-able sections. 

    Step by Step, you'll learn how to:

    ♦ Draw soft, believable grass without drawing a blade.

    Create majestic mountains without using a single gray pencil.

    Create depth and atmosphere as subjects come forward and backgrounds recede.

    ♦ Draw fluffy, moody clouds and perfect, foggy misty skies.

    ♦ and much more!

    DRAW Landscapes is a combination of thousands of hours of experience and an absolute encyclopedia of numerous techniques. 

    Paperback, printed in the USA. Publish Date: December 2017.

    Add the Quick Start to your order with easy-to-print large reference photos and line drawings from the book! FREE when you select Premium above.

    This all-inclusive book will transform your landscapes from average to exceptional.

  • These are the 26 artists ready to teach you...

    Add the Quick Start to your order with easy-to-print large reference photos and line drawings from the book!

    FEATURED ARTISTS - Full Demos by:

    Pat Averill

    Carrie L. Lewis

    Richard Klekociuk

    Virginia Carroll

    Denise Howard

    Judith Selcuk

    Dan Miller

    CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS - Mini-demos from:
    Vickie Lawrence
    Titika Faraklou
    Irina Garmashova-Cawton
    Elizabeth Guthrie
    Judith Heilbronn-Crown
    Wilfrid Barbier
    Dianna Wallace Soisson
    Jessica Young
    Patricia Andril
    Sonja Johnson
    Linda Phillabaum
    Rebecca V. O'Neil
    David Neace
    Howard Harris
    Amy Lindenberger
    Peter Nelson
    Carol E Maltby
    Noriko DeWitt
    Shana Rowe Jackson


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Carrie L. Lewis
Newton, Kansas, USA

A Delight to Participate In; A Pleasure to Read

I was thrilled to be asked to create a tutorial for this book. And intimidated as well! I did three separate drawings before getting the right one finished! I'm now reading through the tutorials of the other 25 artists. Their work is not only inspiring; the tutorials are informative and eye-opening. I look forward to putting into practice everything I'm learning. If you really want to take your landscape drawings to the next level, this book is a must-have. And if you have an aspiring artist in your family, this is an ideal gift.

Sarah H.
United States

So so

I hate giving a bad review but I'm not that keen about this book. I have perused the entire book and do not like the format. I would prefer one professional artist/instructor who does the entire book. The instructor could utilize other's works but could do a more in depth approach, rather than having numerous do a small section. Sorry. Wish I liked it better.


Ann Kullberg

Hi Sarah, thank you for taking the time to send in your review - we truly appreciate your honesty! We are happy to exchange this book for something else that would be much more to your liking? Or, we are happy to refund you - you would just need to send us the book back. I will have a separate email coming with further instructions on how to do so, next. Thank you, again!

Wilfrid B.

Draw Landscape

I am very honored to have been chosen to contribute to the content of this book. I was very happy to receive my copies and in a very satisfactory time. You acted very professionally. Thank you very much for this invitation !

DRAW Landscapes in Colored Pencil
Hanneke J.
United States

Excellent reference for different colored

Excellent reference for different colored pencil approaches to landscapes.I really like the format and the variety of artists that are represented.Colored pencil artist of all levels can find information on a variety of technical approaches, surfaces and creative approaches.A wonderful collaboration.

DRAW Landscapes in Colored Pencil
John T.

Draw landscapes

Haven't had time to review proprly yet but so far I am impressed.

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