Manage your Subscription

To change your credit card info or cancel your subscription:

Please Note - if you are using PayPal to pay for your monthly subscription, you will need to go into your PayPal account and update your subscription information directly through PayPal.

Step 1 - Locate the email receipt sent to you each month. 

It will come from " <>" and the Subject Line is : Receipt for order 0001XXXXXXX

Copy your Gateway Transaction ID number from this email then click on the link to manage your subscription account.

Step 2  Click on the link to manage your payments.
Step 3
Enter your email address and Gateway Transaction ID.  IMPORTANT:  Enter the email address you used to subscribe/pay for your subscription. This may be different from the email address you normally use.
Step 4

If you cannot locate an email payment receipt, contact us and we will help!