The Pencil Box - Featured Artists - July 2018

The Pencil Box - Featured Artists - July 2018

July 2018 Featured Artists. Corresponding with the art gallery that is featured each month in Ann Kullberg's COLOR MagazineThe Pencil Box blog series will give artists a bit more space to share insight and inspiration about their colored pencil art. Make sure to check out links at the bottom of this post for our Facebook group partners - join in the fun and your artwork could be featured, too!

Sentient by Tanya Tyrer
7.5 x 10.5 inches
Polychromos and Pablo Colored pencils on Clairefontaine Pastelmat

According to the definition of "sentient" is as follows:

1 : "responsive to or conscious of sense impressions - sentient beings"
2 : "aware"
3 : "finely sensitive in perception or feeling"

It is a word that basically sums up the nature of these magnificent animals. Capable of the same emotions usually restricted to humans, elephants are able to feel joy, love, compassion and even grief.

The death of an elephant is a very traumatic event which is felt throughout the herd. Just as we humans do, elephants physically mourn the loss of a beloved family member. Mothers have been observed "burying" the bodies of their still-born calves by covering them with sticks and branches. In some cases, they even carry the body in their trunks for days, unable to come to terms with the loss. When a herd comes across the bones of a dead elephant they will linger, sometimes for days, fondling the bones with their trunks, seemingly paying their respects to their fallen kin.

And yet they are hunted without a care, to be trophies on a wall. Slaughtered for their tusks, something that has the same value as human hair or fingernails, for unfounded traditional medicinal purposes and status.

How any "human" could possibly be able to kill such a peaceful and sentient creature is beyond my understanding.

About Tanya:

South African born, now living in New Zealand, Tanya's passion lies in the natural world and all it encompasses. Her aim is to use her artwork to bring awareness to the plight of endangered species from around the world. Self-taught, Tanya has been working in colored pencil since 2016. See more at 



Seafood - Bon Appetit by Bjoerg Franke
11.6 x 16.5 inches
Luminance, Pablo and a little white ink on smooth Boesner lineart 250 Paper

The drawing is a reminder of a nice joint seafood meal with friends. Last year we spent a few days on the North Sea island of Sylt (Germany). There we had a wonderful evening together with a seafood meal by the sea. When the food arrived, we were surprised. It was this wonderful seafood plate. She looked so delicious and appealing. I wanted to capture this sight. That's why I worked this drawing. The work has given me a lot of pleasure as it is a wonderful memory of this evening with friends. It was a challenge for me. It was the first time that I to draw metal and reflections. It needed many time but it was a time for joy.

About Bjoerg:

Bjoerg Franke is a german color pencil artist. For many years she worked with alcohol pens. But they were the wrong choice for small details. Since October 2017 she works only with color pencils. She loves to discover and draw little beauties. Meanwhile, working with color pencils is her passion. See more at:



Who You Looking At? by Tasha Turenne
11 x 14 inches
Strathmore Colored Pencil Paper 110lbs, Advanced Color Pencil Texture and Final Fixatives, Powder Blender and Titanium White by Brush and Pencil

Who You Looking At?, for me represents a recent part of my life. I had recently undergone surgery, the last step in my rehabilitation from battling breast cancer 3 years ago. After my surgery I was internally dealing with new body issues from all the scars I have been left with. When I saw Chris Allsebrook's original photo, it gave me a feeling that I knew I needed to capture within my own artwork.

I love how the Tawny Owl has such a head strong and dignified poise. The composition of the dark foliage against the owls light feathers really pushes the owl forward and makes stand front and center. The dark eyes seem to sparkle and stare unflinching at the viewer. At a time when I would have liked to shrink back and hide, it reminded me to stand strong, hold my head up and stare down my issues.

I hope that whomever sees this artwork is drawn towards the grace and power that I tried to capture. I hope it reminds them to keep their head up and if need be, ask "Who You Looking At?".

About Tasha:

Tasha is a self taught artist specializing in graphite, charcoal and color pencils. She has always loved drawing and creating since she was little. With the motivation from friends and family, she has been able to pursue her dreams of being an artist. See more at:




Nosey Neighbors by Kathy Christian
50cm x 76cm
Arches Hot Press Board, Luminance, Polychromos and Holbein pencils

While mowing the grass out in front of my farm, the neighbors cattle all ran over to the fence to see what I was doing. Cattle are very curious creatures by nature. I quickly ran into the house and grabbed the camera. The resulting photos were the reference material for this drawing. Being large for a pencil piece the artwork took me over six months to complete. The grass was the most tedious part of the work and I could only work on small portions of it at one sitting. One of the key elements that I tried to capture was the intensity of the Australian light. It is much different than the light in North America and Europe.

About  Kathy:

Kathy Christian is an American artist now residing in Australia. Her specialty is working dogs and rural life. She focuses on subject matter that she knows intimately. This includes the Big Cats which she worked hands on with at one stage. Her mediums are colored pencil, gouache and watercolor. See more at:





These artworks were published in the July 2018 issue of COLOR Magazine.


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