March 2021 Showcase - Colored Pencil Artwork

March 2021 Showcase - Colored Pencil Artwork

Below, the three artists featured in the March 2021 issue of COLOR Magazine Showcase share the inspiration behind their artwork for our blog. Learn the story behind each of these lovely pieces of art.



Medley by Vivek Prabhu
17 x 12 inches
Polychromos and Derwent Lightfast on Canson 200 gsm paper.
(Drawn from life)

This is portraiture of static objects arranged in my studio with appropriate lighting. Capturing light is everything for me. The elusive quality of the light falling on objects of different materials can transform the still life portraiture.

The objects that have been used here are being used in my daily life. The ceramic vessels and the wooden churner are all used in making butter milk even today. I have added an old used corrugated sheet and a different colored woven cloth. But the wooden shelf in the background is an imaginary one.

About Vivek Prabhu:


Vivek Prabhu from Mysore, India has been into painting from an early age. After 22 years of different kinds of careers, he decided to have a career change and started to devote more time to painting. He works mainly with acrylics, oils, and gouache. He picked up colored pencils in 2018 and has expanded his work with this medium.

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Perfect Peace by Jeannice Gordon
11.25 x 15.5 inches
Faber Castell Polychromos, Prismacolors, and Derwent Drawing pencils on Strathmore Bristol Smooth paper
(Photo by Mara Teron. Used with permission.)

"Perfect Peace" was commissioned as a gift for a minister. The reference image was carefully selected by his wife for the symbolism: Christ's blood (cherries) covering the soul of the follower (the vase) creating the perfect peace of Christ (the white, clean flowers.) The nod to Vermeer's techniques using pure light and form was intentional.

Jeannice started with a smaller version to ensure colors and perspective were correct. Failing at this attempt, she tried yet again in a slightly larger version, hoping the room for detail would help. Failing a second time, but learning from each attempt, the third time was a charm and worth the work! "Perfect Peace" is now prominently displayed in the couple's home. Edward Hickson proved correct with his famous quote, "If at first you don't succeed, Try, Try Again!"

About Jeannice Gordon:


Jeannice Gordon is an award-winning, self-taught artist. She began drawing for the first time in 2015 at age 50 while recovering from an illness. Jeannice is inspired by the beauty, complexity, and peace found in nature. She enjoys teaching art to all ages to reduce anxiety, increase productivity, and promote wellness.

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Good Morning, Beautiful by Ronna Williams
8 x 10 inches
Luminance, Lightfast, Polychromos pencils on .005" Grafix drafting film
(Artist's own photo)

This is my sweet angel classic tabby kitty, Dixie. She would sleep on the pillow above my head every night, this close to me. In the morning, she would be the first face we'd see. So we would greet her with "Good morning, beautiful."

I chose to draw this extreme close-up, with no background distraction, to focus on the intricate details of Dixie's tabby markings and jewel-like eyes. The drafting film surface is backed by a sheet of black card stock, both during the work in process and upon completion so white highlights are not lost.

During the crazy year that was 2020, having colored pencil drawing to turn to has been such a blessing. The year could have been one of depressing loss, but being able to create works of art turned it into a fulfilling time. Working on capturing Dixie's beautiful, expressive eyes has been a cathartic exercise since she had crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

About Ronna Williams:


Ronna Williams has been producing colored pencil art since her retirement in 2017.

These artworks were published in the March 2021 issue of COLOR Magazine.

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