June 2017 Showcase - Colored Pencil Artwork

June 2017 Showcase - Colored Pencil Artwork

The three artists featured in the June 2017 issue of COLOR Magazine  Showcase submitted stories about their artwork for our blog. Read below about their inspiration for each of these interesting subjects.

Unity In Diversity
by Ranjini Venkatachari
11" x 20"
Own photo reference
Water soluble pencils and Colored pencils on pastel board

I was born in a country characterized by fascinating social, religious and cultural variations. I wanted to echo my feelings from childhood of how the society always stays interconnected with all these diversities. We all have our differences, which is what makes us unique. This piece is a celebration of such differences coming together, creating a unity in diversity.

About Ranjini

Ranjini was born in Chennai, India and currently lives in San Ramon, California. Her works have been juried into several National, International shows and publications across the US & UK. Ranjini is a 5-year merit signature member and the board member of Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA).

See more at  http://www.vividpencils.com.


by Jelly Massee
8" x 10"
Photo reference from pixabay
Prismacolor on Bristol smooth paper

I live in Quebec and this time of year we are edging into Spring. One of the first signs of Spring in this area is the sighting of a robin. Although this is an English Robin and not native to Canada, I just loved this little fellow and knew I had to draw him. I drew him on March 24th and looked outside to see the snow falling, yet again. This fellow inspired dreams of Spring!

About Jelly

Jelly is a self-taught artist primarily using acrylics as her medium. About a year ago she needed another challenge and start dabbling in color pencils. She feels lucky that she is able to spend her retirement learning new mediums and taking on new challenges.

See more from Jelly at http://www.jellymassee.com.


Eve's Elixir
by Peter Nelson
11" x 15"
Own Reference Photo
Derwent Inktense and Coloursoft; FaberCastell Polychromos; Prismacolor; liner pens, Fabriano 5.

I came across these bottles whilst visiting the Somerset Cider Brandy Company and was intrigued to know how the apples had got into the bottles; I later found out that the bottle are fixed to the tree, with the apple grown inside. What attracted me to this composition was its simplicity and shape, with the bottles standing in a neat row on a simple concrete wall. As I had never created such depths of background against glass work, the challenge was in capturing the simplicity with the contrasting sheen from the bottle, the depth of colors between the bright corks, dusty bottles and clear sparkling brandy standing out against the dark background, and foreground textured surface.

About Peter

Peter initially a watercolor artist, until finding colored pencils in 2012, has always loved artistic realism. His passion, although mainly weathered textures, varies in compositions, due to technical challenges that the variety of subjects gives him. He loves watching personality and story develop as he progresses through his work.

See more from Peter at http://facebook.com/petenelsonsart/.


These artworks were published in the June 2017 issue of COLOR Magazine.

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