The Watch Journey

The Watch Journey

by Bonnita Moaby

Bremont Supersonic

I have had such a journey in my recent art career. I haven’t been doing it that long in respect to some other amazing artists out there. I love to draw just about anything; if it challenges me then I will give it a go. I love to work with all mediums but there is something so satisfying about using colored pencils that is so rewarding. You are sat there with a blank canvas and over many hours you stand back and there is a whole drawing there! It's a Zen for me, my peaceful place, I am incredibly lucky to do what I enjoy as my career.

After doing many portraits of animals and people I felt the need to challenge myself, I wanted to push my skills and see just how “real” I could draw. At first I started drawing larger pieces—the biggest being my Spirit Warrior horse which is 60"x55”, but I still wasn’t getting the feeling of being challenge that I wanted. I was looking for something more intricate, detailed and totally different to what's out there at the moment. I wanted something that would push my abilities and my art out from the noise and more into the front to be seen, something I could sit for hours on end and draw and each part would be different from the last.

Bremont 1918

My inspiration came from my husband who loves watches; the trouble was most fronts of the watches didn’t inspire me so I went on the prowl to find one to draw. I came across this amazing company whose watches hold a lot of history and contain parts of the airplane the watch is built after. I found the Bremont DH-88 and INSTANTLY fell in love with the back design. You can see all the details and it fully met my needs to draw detail. Nervously, I asked permission to draw one of their watches (if you don’t ask you don’t get right?) and after many emails I got the go ahead. I was and am very lucky as the Co-Founders loved my work and still follow my Instagram journey. They loved the watch and even shared it on their account.

A few months later out of the blue I got an email from Bremont who wanted to commission me to do draw their watch for their new limited edition release that was announced in October this year. Of course I jumped at the chance as I know from their watches just how beautiful and detailed they are, I thrive on drawing detail so these projects are just perfect for me.

Bremont DH-88 the watch that started it all

I was very nervous about making sure it was perfect for them, not only for my pride but I wanted to ensure they got the best out of me and my ability. Once I got the photo they wanted me to draw, I managed to get it drawn out in around 17 hours. I had to record and take photos of my progress for them to share on their social media and it gained a lot o attention. I was lucky enough to get some commission from Bremont owners and enthusiasts.

The Co-Founders were over the moon with it and now the original drawing hangs in their London Mayfair boutique.

I hope that this encourages other artists to push their boundaries and try something new, it was a refreshing experience drawing something other than hair, skin and fur! Don’t get me wrong I adore drawing it all but a change is as a good as a rest.

I have since drawn the Bremont 1918 for a private commission and my next watch is the Bremont Wright Flyer which I will be starting shortly making a total of 4 so far!

About Bonnita:

In her time since starting up her art venture Bonnita has published 2 coloring books & licensed her work. She went on to win the #WOW award (Women on Wednesday) from Jacqueline Gold & the #queenof award for Pencils. 2018 saw her draw for one of the biggest watch companies in the world for the launch of their limited edition watch the Bremont Supersonic. Recognition from Tom Hardy for a portrait she did of his 3 dogs as his characters has ensure that this year will clearly be a memorable one.

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Wonderful artist and if you join her patreon she offers many tutorial video’s to watch and take part in, she gives clear guidance and instruction to help you develop your skills. While also being generous with her time in answering any question you have. I have seen my work change over this year that i have been with her, to a standard that i never thought was possible. Carry on with your style Bonnita as many will benefit including you. X

Pam Smith - Dec 04, 2018

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