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Orders & Shipping

I'd rather not order online. Can I order by mail?

Do you ship internationally?

How much will shipping cost?

What method of shipping do you use?

How long will my order take to arrive?

Magazine Subscriptions

Can I subscribe for a year or more, rather than monthly?

Why can't I just add a subscription to My Cart?

When does my new PRINT subscription start?

When does my new DIGITAL subscription start?

I subscribed to the Digital Download version but didn't receive my first issue.

My shipping or email address has changed. How do I let you know?

How do I change my credit card info for my subscription?

How do I cancel my subscription?

Why can't I access my COLOR Magazine issues when I log in to annkullberg.com?

Digital Downloads

Where is my download?

I cannot view my files / It's not working.

How do I access Digital Download products?

How do I open and save PDF files?

Can I save my COLOR Magazine issues on multiple devices, like on both my iPad and my computer?

How do I save a PDF file to my computer/tablet/phone?

I used to see them in my Magcloud Digital Library. Why can't I now?

Can I enlarge the text or images?

How do I see two pages at a time in my digital magazine or book?

How do I unzip a file?

Colored Pencil Supplies

What colored pencils do you use?

What paper do you use?

What pencil sharpener do you use?

Why do my colored pencils break so often?

What is "sticky stuff"?

Colored Pencil Terms & Techniques

What is scumbling or the "brillo pad" technique?

What is impressed line?

What is burnishing?

What is wax bloom?

How do I choose what colors to use?


I'm really new to colored pencil. Can I still take Ann's Portrait Workshop?

I have no art or drawing experience. Can I still attend?

What can I expect from an Ann Kullberg Portrait Workshop?

What supplies will I need for Ann's workshop?

Do you have an age restriction?

Will you be teaching a workshop in my area soon?

Will I be refunded if I cancel my registration?

I've already taken the Portraits Workshop, what else do you teach?

How often does Ann hold Cruise Workshops?

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