The Pencil Box - Featured Artists - May 2019

The Pencil Box - Featured Artists - May 2019

Corresponding with the art gallery that is featured each month in Ann Kullberg's COLOR MagazineThe Pencil Box blog series will give artists a bit more space to share insight and inspiration about their colored pencil art. Make sure to check out FB group links at the bottom of this post. Call for entry is posted every month in participating Facebook groups - join in the fun and your artwork could be featured, too!

Out of the Woods by Cheryl Metzger
Approx. 14x18 inches. Prismacolor on Suede Mat Board

This wolf resides at a park in Indiana.  The wolf retreat is great because you can get very close to them and see the detail.  His menacing eyes, soft fur, beautiful colors and the red, fall leaves all add to the drama of the drawing. Loving texture and color made this a dream to do and a challenge.  I threw all colors into the background and hoped for the feeling of the woods.  I wanted the viewer to hear the branches crack, the leaves rustle, and to smell that musty smell of fall.  Maybe even the growl of the wolf as he eyed the intruders.

About Cheryl:

Cheryl has done art most of her life.  After taking a colored pencil class with Cecile Baird, she was hooked.  Living in the country offered many opportunities for birds, wildlife and farm drawings.  Also, six beautiful grandchildren contributed to an abundance of inspiration!

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Crazy 80s by Karen Stewart
8x8 inches, Faber-Castell on Bristol vellum

Crazy 80s is homage to my mother and her mother's current boyfriend. Both subjects are 85 years of age, and loving life. The goofiness of their faces, embraces the concept of silliness at any age.  The subjects are drawn to suggest realism, but the background color suggests rough hewn colored pencils and has intentionally unfinished feel to it.  The background has an almost childlike like the subject matter, and the background mimics that.  The two characters belie their age and encourage a childlike joy.  The crazy feel of life at 80+ years old is captured in the artwork.

About Karen:

Karen Stewart has been practicing art her whole life.  A recent concussion has encouraged her to refocus her efforts on art. 

Eastern Brook Trout by Deb Joiner
9x12 inches, Polychromos and Prismacolor on Strathmore Bristol

I'm born and raised in the Ozark Mountains, AKA the Ozarks, which is an area in Southern Missouri/Northern Arkansas. This is the first of series Ozarks wildlife drawings I'm working on to share the beauty of my home. Although this is not the common type of trout found in these waters, they can be found here. I found the variation of color and patterns in this fish fascinating. This also being the area that Bass Pro Shops originated, hunting and fishing are a very popular pastime here, so it seemed like an appropriate subject. The second in the series is drawn from a game cam photo of a White-tailed deer with its tongue sticking out. It's titled "Game Cam: Better Luck Next Deer"

About Deb:

Missouri based artist Deb Joiner started with just doodling for fun in 2015. Originally a professional photographer, Deb hung up her camera and turned to drawing as an outlet that would allow more time at home. She now specializes in pet portraits and wildlife art in colored pencil and pastel.

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Experimental Swan by Spencer Phillips
A4 Strathmore Series 300 Bristol Vellum, Prismacolor

This beautiful tightly cropped photograph, used with permission from Bryn Ditheridge, had such fabulous color and contrast, that it was the perfect one to use to attempt some sgraffito with Prismacolor. The beak had to be extended slightly, to enhance those long lead in lines. A few layers of PanPastel were used for the blue background and then Prismacolor pencils were used for the swan. The beak was layered and burnished, and then all the value layers built on the swan's head. A craft knife was then used to carefully apply feathers by scratching away the waxy layers of Prismacolor as required. Fairly quick piece overall, just under 20 hours total.

About Spencer:

Determined to gain some degree of control over color pencils, Spencer started his growing collection of art supplies in 2018. From one humble set, he is now enjoying trying to tame them all.


These artworks are published in the MAY 2019 issue of COLOR Magazine.


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