Photo Tour: SOAR Colored Pencil Workshops

Photo Tour: SOAR Colored Pencil Workshops

In groups big and small all over the country, SOAR students are learning colored pencil step by step with internationally known, award-winning and certified colored pencil instructors. Find a workshop near you and learn more about SOAR Colored Pencil Workshops here.

Paint Horse on Colored Paper with Vickie Lawrence, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada, August 2019.


Young Lad Portrait with Rhonda Bartoe, Vancouver, WA, August 2019.


Iris Botanical with Jeannice Gordon, Dallas, TX, July 2019.


Green Reflections with Michelle Sanders, Hamilton, OH, May 2019.


Mountain Landscape with Dan Miller, Keizer, OR, Feb 2019.


Blooming Roses with Rhonda Dicksion, Hamilton, OH, March 2019.


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