May 2021 Showcase - Colored Pencil Artwork

May 2021 Showcase - Colored Pencil Artwork

Below, the three artists featured in the May 2021 issue of COLOR Magazine Showcase share the inspiration behind their artwork for our blog. Discover the story behind each of these beautiful pieces of art.



Floating Market by Kevin Conlan
20 x 20 inches
Polychromos and Caran d'Ache colored pencils on Fabriano paper.
(Photo by Paul W. Sharpe of Wizard of Wonder, used with permission.)

I loved Thailand's floating markets so much I took lots of photos to get that perfect shot, but couldn't find that perfect one and was frustrated because I had a lot of good photos. So I found this one while searching the internet that very night. I shelved it for a couple of years, and found it again at about the time I discovered Caran d'Ache luminance pencils and time to work on it.

It started going so well I thought I'd like to show it. From there I decided to look for the photographer. It took just as long to search for the photographer of this photo, and with his kind permission I got underway.

While it isn't my photo, it does remind me of the floating markets.

About Kevin Conlan:


Kevin has been drawing since he could hold a pencil, and had school books full of drawings and not school work. After school he discovered the airbrush and settled in with that for a few years but found his way back to pencils and realized this is what he likes.

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Spinet no 1289, Haddon Hall by Charlie Askew
15 x 21.25 inches
Polychromos colored pencils and PanPastel on Daler Rowney fine grain heavyweight 200 GSM
(Artist's own photo.)

The reference photograph for this particular piece was taken whilst on holiday during a day trip just to visit this absolutely stunning 900-year-old building.The spinet is located at the far end of the long hall where, unless I am mistaken, Henry VIII had entertained guests. It's hard to not be inspired with such a wonderful history.

I was also drawn to this image with it being almost sepia-toned in its color range. Nearly all, when viewed not too closely is all tones of brown but with lots of varying textures, grain, and reflections from the lighting falling through the beautiful historic stained glass windows.

The spinet, an early version of what we all now call a piano, is an amazing piece of history in itself, and the war chest seen to the left of the image dates back even further in time!

All in all a massively inspiring visit that I just had to capture in at least one piece of work, and maybe more to come.

About Charlie Askew:


Charlie is a part-time self-employed artist specializing in colored pencil realism with the main aim of getting this wonderful medium generally accepted throughout the art world.

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The Potter's Hands by Dan Garcia
9 x 13 inches
Colored pencil on Art Spectrum Colourfix coated (green) pastel paper.
(Artist's own photo)

The potter was demonstrating his craft as a "primitive potter" at a Native American pow-wow. From his appearance I assumed he was a "mountain man," but turns out he was a self-described hippie of the '60s. The photo I took of him was not staged; I was part of a group of folks watching him do his craft of primitive pottery. After returning home and looking at the photo on my computer, I couldn't wait to try capturing this interesting character with colored pencils. Most fascinating to me was the challenge of getting his hands, clothing, and straw hat rendered realistically. The image was rendered freehand directly on to the pastel paper with Prismacolor pencils.

About Dan Garcia:

Dan Garcia is self-taught, taking up art as a hobby as he approached retirement. Initially, his passion was waterfowl subjects rendered in acrylic. He discovered colored pencils from an article in an art magazine. The art which he thought was an oil painting turned out to be colored pencils. Today Dan works mostly in colored pencil.


These artworks were published in the May 2021 issue of COLOR Magazine.
May issue COLOR Magazine cover

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