Every One is a Triumph - 2017 COLOR Magazine Member Show

Every One is a Triumph - 2017 COLOR Magazine Member Show

The following is a sampling from my article in the July 2017 issue of COLOR Magazine, featuring artwork from the 18th Annual Member show. Each year, the show includes amazing colored pencil masterpieces from subscribers all over the world. Such a variety of experiences and styles! And each year, a bit like a mommy, I don’t have favorite images from the Member Show. I like to view each entry as a triumph. 

Pick up a digital copy of the magazine to learn more about each winning artist and their artwork, along with a statement from this year's juror, Andrew Purdy, CPSA.

My Featherbed  by Donna Schwarz
11" x 18"

There are colored pencil works that now and then almost call the artist’s sanity into question, like this one. I am, of course, kidding, but how did Schwarz survive this piece? The sheer mass of monotone detail and texture would have driven lesser artists mad, I’m sure. Kudos to Donna for the conception and stunning execution of this ambitious piece.

Promise by Andria Burchett 
10" x 8"

When a colored pencil artist dares to take on a white-on-white drawing, you know they have courage. Whites can so easily trip up an artist because it requires seeing truly subtle nuances of color and values. This brave piece is so sensuous and beautiful while also being unique and creative. Can you hear this soft, silky rustle? I think I can.

- Ann Kullberg

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