Back in High School at 43

Back in High School at 43

One of my fondest memories of high school was staring out the classroom window and drawing the things I saw outside. Our room was on the third floor and we had a good view of the distant mountain as well as the urban scenery nearby. Of course, I occasionally got reprimanded whenever I’m caught drawing during class hours. What can I do? I have a very short attention span! Can’t focus in class unless my hands are doing something else. I have very good grades though, even if most the time my mind is wandering off to a different world during classes (grin).

(above) Lapis na Makulay CP art workshop. September 9, 2017.

Fast forward and now more than two decades later, I’m back at my old high school but not as student, this time around I’ll be a teacher for a day. I was invited by the alumni president and former classmate, Mr. Jeffrey Copiaco, to conduct a colored pencil workshop in our beloved school, Roosevelt College Cainta (high school department). We talked about this when he attended my workshop last year and thus, Lapis na Makulay CP art workshop was conceived and planned.

The place has changed a lot and I almost lost my way in the corridors but, eventually, I was able to figure out where the library is—right where it was before. This is where the workshop will be held. The library used to be my favorite hangout. There was no internet back then, I used to scour books from shelf to shelf. No, I’m not doing any class related research, I frequent the library because I like to feed my mind with all sorts of infromation about arts, science, history, and anything that caught my fancy. There’s a time when I’m so obsessed with scientist and philosphers that I spent much time in the library reading about them and drawing their portraits. I have a sketchpad full of them! Well, those were the days, now back to the workshop.

Mary Claire and Hazel during the sphere drawing activity.

More than 30 students from grades 7 to 12 attended and were very eager to learn the art of colored pencil. I started off by teaching them how to draw a sphere, the students were fascinated how light and shadows can give three dimensional from to a two dimensional shape. After that I guided them into a simple drawing project so that they can apply the basic lessons they’ve learned. I must say that I am very pleased with how well the students fared, some of them even exceeded my expectations and have a promising future ahead of them. Well done kids and keep up the good work!

It’s not easy to handle a large class, good thing I had with me three of my advanced students from my previous workshops; Jovie Salvacion, Jerald Biglang-Awa, and Jovile Canlas. I brought them along not only to assist but also to train them how to conduct a colored pencil workshop hoping someday they will be able to help spread the art of colored pencil here in the Philippines. They did pretty well, had a good rapport with the students and assisted those who needed help during the activities.

Jean Claroniño, a promising young artist.

It was an exhausting but very enjoyable day. It’s nice to see familiar places and faces, reminisce about the days, and get a chance to share my passion to young budding artists. My gratitude to the RCC alumni officers and volunteers who facilitated the event and also to Mrs. Edelisa Sapo. Our hearts our glad with your all out support and our tummies filled with the great food you shared with us. Thank you!

About Bleuie:

Bleuie Acosta is the Managing Editor of Ann Kullberg’s COLOR magazine. He has a great passion for colored pencil and a fervent desire to help budding artists. He conduct CP workshops in the Philippines keeping in line with Ann’s tag line, “We Teach. We Inspire. You Shine.”

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A great and wonderful write up of high school memories. I do miss my high school days where I used to dream and dream away.
Thanks for sharing Bleuie.
Oh by the way, you did an awesome job of showing those young kids about cp art, congratulations.

Sharon SS Kow - Sep 27, 2017

How wonderful that you got to share with the students. I’m sure they all felt blessed to have you come for the day. The next great artist may have gotten inspired by your class. Thanks for sharing Bleuie ?

Kathi Smith - Sep 27, 2017

Thanks for sharing ! That is pretty special !

Charlotte hastings - Sep 27, 2017

Thanks for sharing ! That is pretty special !

Charlotte hastings - Sep 27, 2017

Are these children the recipients of the auction of Ann Kullberg nose art that was held on EBay this summer? Again, what a worthy cause. If I ever go back to the Philippines, I will visit this school. Thanks Bleuie!

Darlene Rodriguez - Sep 27, 2017

Bleuie, you are very generous in contributing your time and talent to these young people . You are to be commended.

Helen Lucak - Sep 27, 2017

What a wonderful way to give back! I went back to my old high school two years ago and gave presentations to two art classes there, but a workshop was out of the question because there was only one set of colored pencils for the whole art room. They were very interested. How did you ensure that each student had a set of pencils to work with? If only I could solve that, I’d go back and do a workshop.

Denise Howard - Sep 27, 2017

How absolutely wonderful !! Always love a bit of nostalgia and sharing your passion with the next generation is admirable and certainly good for the Students but also I think for the teacher to see the inspiration passed along xx

Robyn Garnet - Sep 27, 2017

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