Artists Helping Artists

Artists Helping Artists

Sunil Joshi recently shared with me a new sketch he completed with Caran D'ache graphite pencils. Before he began, he enlisted the help of world renowned graphite artist Tanja Gant for advice on the grades of pencils needed and what type of sharpener would be best.

Tanja, originally from Bosnia, was able to help Sunil, who lives in Bangalor, India with a little help from the power of social media. Pretty amazing, huh? Artists helping each other all over the world and creating amazing things together. What helps one CP artist helps all CP artists!

Here's Sunil's finished work. Below is also an excerpt written by Sunil that shares a bit of the story behind this image. 

A view from the balcony
Size: 42 cm x 30 cm
Pencils used: Caren D'ache HB, B3, B7 

"He would stand there for hours looking below at the road or at the buildings opposite. His posture too would always be the same - leaning forward balancing upper body on both elbows which would be rested on the railings, alternating body weight from one leg to the other. After reaching home from the office, he would quickly change into a half-sleeved vest and cotton shorts, have his tea and go to his favourite place, the balcony.

He was in normal health till 2007. The photo which I used as a reference for this sketch was captured, without his knowledge, on December 3rd, 2007 when he was standing at the balcony, looking at the building opposite and speaking to me. He never saw the photo and this sketch too he will never be seeing."

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