Accepting Your Own Style

Accepting Your Own Style

by Charlotte Hastings

I have a rather heavy hand, oh and I have a patience control problem. So It seems to be unavoidable for my own style to not show through. It just has a way of showing up. I so admire many artist that have mastered photo-realism, But I have given up on that happening for me, and I'm content with that. My painterly look just keeps coming out, so I just enjoy every minuet I get coloring in my sunroom/studio that I'm blessed to have in my home. My main inspiration is always my family and our life experiences that I want to capture with my Color pencils.

Treasured Times — A photo I took of My Mother sharing with her the love of jigsaw puzzles truly treasured times I got to spend with her on our Tuesday's every week of her 94th & 95th years.

My first experience with a color pencil workshops was with Ann, we were in Chicago I met many nice folks and learned so much! What a great time we had. I could not wait to learn more So I was lucky enough to arrange more workshops, I had the pleasure of having Ann as a guest in my home for two different 5 day workshops with friends and family color pencil artists, we had so much fun. The conversation was strong toward art topics, but sometimes laughter or sadness as we shared lifetime memories and experiences with colored pencils and otherwise.

I did take Ann for a ride in my '29 Chevy street rod, I only frightened her a couple of times I think.

I was also fortunate enough to go on a color pencil Alaskan cruise with Ann & company another place that you noticed how each artist had their own style shinning through. It’s so much fun if you ever get a chance to go on one of these cruises—don't pass it up.

I wish I would have discovered Color pencils sooner rather than later. I love everything about them except maybe the fact that of all the mediums I have used over the years, colored pencils are by far the most time consuming process of all.

Mischievous — Photo taken at one of our family 4th of July events, I just loved the lighting, Subject is a family friend.

I very much enjoy the connection of the many talented Color pencil artist that are so willing to share any and all information about experiences about there methods, different brands of papers and pencils, and watching all the so many different styles emerge. There are so many color pencil groups on social media and many times posts shared there are comments about a recognizable style and how that is a good thing. I would like for all artists to learn to feel good about their own style. Don't spend any wasted time on trying to copy a certain method or style. If time at your easel is not flying by and you aren't in a Zen place, lighten up and enjoy your color pencil time, loving every minute you get to do your favorite thing as a career. Life is more fun when you love your job.

Mixing colored pencils with other mediums and solvents is also fun, love the combination of color pencils and Pan Pastels, I use Mona Lisa solvent occasionally. My go to surfaces are Stonehenge papers of all colors, suede board,& mat board of all kinds. I guess because these seem to accept my heavy hand pressure, and each has an effect on the painterly style but it still comes through no matter what. I love the way I can capture light and shadows in the portraits I do of my family. My inspiration comes from wanting to have these treasured memories in my home, as my family grows and grows I'm running out of wall space :-). I enjoy giving family members portraits of a special time in there lives.

Baby & Me — One of My Great Grandkids and Me photo snapped at a family gathering.

I do landscapes, cityscapes, still life, and animals but my favorite remains portraits. I strive to capture detail; in my painterly fashion. I do commissions working from clients photos and ones I take. I'm also a licensed artist for Kansas University. The medium for most of the Jayhawk work is in acrylics, Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

I have been published in several of Ann's Color Magazines and in CP Treasures & Hidden Treasures. I earned My CPSA signature status with the Color Pencil Society of America in 2018. My artwork is currently on display at "Kansas Roads Gallery" in Lawrence Kansas. I have a presence at Fine Art America, Pinterest & Facebook.


I'm a self-taught lifelong artist living in Lawrence Kansas. I have experimented with and mastered some, such as oils. acrylics, and some craft type sculpture. I taught class in oils for many years. I owned and operated cottage industry for 17 years creating a line of clay ornaments and jewelry which I sold wholesale to gift shops all over the world. Then I discovered color pencils and have never looked back. I love to do pieces that tell a story. My favorite subjects are my family.

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Wow very nice work! Very talented

Kelli - Apr 13, 2019

Great article Charlotte! We all need to learn to accept and value who God made us to be and not compare ourselves to others. Your artistic talent has really blossomed in the years we’ve known each other. :)

Joanne - Apr 13, 2019

Great blog Charlotte! Spot on about embracing your own style.

Tamara Culp - Apr 13, 2019

How awesome! Nicely written, your love of art shines through! ❤️❤️❤️

Missi - Apr 13, 2019

Charlotte your years of crafting and art inspired me many years ago while helping paint some of your pins (which I still have by the way!) I always love seeing your creations!

Stacy B - Apr 13, 2019

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