A Tremendous Colored Pencil Feat

A Tremendous Colored Pencil Feat

When Ann showed me the absolutely mind blowing project that Tracey Chaykin was working on - I just knew it we had to have a blog feature about it!

Of course, we always hope when someone purchases a colored pencil book from annkullberg.com, that they do actually attempt drawing all of the step by step projects included. But Tracey has taken it one step further - and decided to draw all 15 demos from Cynthia Knox's CP Florals book - on one giant sheet of Strathmore Mixed Media Series 500 90lb paper.

Tracey (right) displaying her work in progress with Cynthia Knox (left),
the author of CP Florals. What a special moment. :)

Tracey has now completed 13 of the 15 projects featured in CP Florals, and we are certainly cheering her on to finish the last two.

Just look - what a magnificent job she's done so far!

Here's what Tracey told us about her experience, along with behind the scenes progress pics:

"I took this project on since I love flowers and being new to the art world after 30 years with no formal training, felt an instructional book was the next step. I have found the tutorials easy to follow, love the little tips along the way, made big time use of all the reference photos and have learned a great deal with each one!

My greatest challenge in the beginning were the backgrounds. After working through a few, I realized I was being too reserved with the amount of wax I was putting down.

In addition, I've picked up on the placement of highlights, learned about the tools of the trade, terminology, various colored pencil techniques and much more! I've acquired a confidence to propel me forward and apply to projects of my own. A definite must have, in my eyes, for any Colored Pencil library!"

Tracey is a member of the San Jose District Chapter of CPSA and new to the art community as a whole - which makes this feat even more tremendous!


Wow, Tracey - congrats on this huge accomplishment, and best of luck finishing up the last two! We'll be watching!

Want to try drawing these flowers for yourself? Make sure to check out the book by clicking the image below:

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I have this book and love it very much.

Janet Grundas - Aug 16, 2017

Going to have to get into my copy of this book and try some of the projects. Cynthia Knox was the first ever color pencil artist I discovered on Craftsy and I just love her tutorials.

Gail Jones - Aug 16, 2017

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