Jumpstart Level 3: Ladybug

  • You're a beginner? We can help!
    Taking the first step to mastering colored pencils couldn't be easier than with Jumpstart's crystal clear lessons. This Level 3 Ladybug lesson by Cynthia Knox teaches you how to create lush, vibrant colors using her wonderful burnishing technique.

    Just these 19 colored pencils needed.

    “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” - Plato

    So let's Jumpstart your colored pencil skills right away! You are just 8 easy steps away from finishing this sweet ladybug scene. You'll learn so much and be so proud of your results.

    What's Inside?

    ♦ 8 detailed steps that take you from start to finish.

    Large, easy to follow step-by-step images

     ♦ Crystal-clear, detailed layer-by-layer instruction.

    Trace-able line drawing plus full size reference photo.

    Color guides, suggested materials, hints, tips, and more.

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  • Rocket your way through the novice stage!

    I remember feeling so frustrated and insecure when I first started drawing with colored pencil because there was so much I didn't know. I so wish there had been a basic colored pencil handbook that caught me up to speed quickly.

    That's what the Jumpstart Jetpack Handbook is! It covers all the basics you need to know about pencils, drawing papers, impressed line, blending, burnishing and so much more.  Add it to your order to get a jump on colored pencil in a hurry!

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Very pleased

Excellent outcome with easy to understand step by step direction Learning alot from these


Ann Kullberg

Our first and main goal is to create excellent instruction for colored pencil artists, so your review makes every one of us happy. Thank you so much for taking the time to review the Ladybug Jumpstart!

Charles G.
United States

Lady Bug

Have read the instructions a couple of times. Ready to trace and draw.

William C.

The Best

Best service - best delivery - best packaging (special treat included) :hugging:

Bonny W.

Jumpstart - Ladybug

I haven't tried this kit yet as I am still working on the Level 1 Butterfly - which I am thoroughly enjoying thus far. Each step is explained well & thoroughly. So I have purchased 3other Jumpstart Kits so far & have purchased several more books & other kits also for when I am at a higher level. I was going to start in the Horses book/digital kit, until you came out with the Jumpstart & since I was so new at this I am trying them first. I LOVE your web site & products. I have two accounts (as I forgot about the first one & created a second) & since they couldn't be merged my purchases are on both so I have purchased much from your web site as I like it the best of any CP website I have found. I also subscribe to Color. Thanks again for wonderful, helpful products. I am a 68 year old grandmother of 13 grandchildren (5 children) with Rheumatoid & Osteo Arthritis, & Fibromyalgia, but even tho my hands ache a great deal I have always wanted to learn to draw & then I was also drawn to the colored pencil medium as I didn't want the mess of oil paints. I am so glad I found it & love it more & more. My goal is to try to get good enough to do animals & children & adult portraits. The first CP book I saw was Ann's Colored Pencil portraits & that's when I aspired to be a CP artist. If I could draw my grandchildren anywhere close to Ann's perfection, I would be so pleased. I have purchased her companion book as well. I feel my chronic pain much less when I am creating. Thanks again so much, Ann & your other creative artists. I so appreciate you all:heavy_heart_exclamation_mark_ornament: Bonny West, Magrath, Alberra, Canadz

Krystle B.

The books were amazing!!

The books were amazing!!

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