Jumpstart Level 1: Under the Same Sky

  • Create this adorable scene in just 9 simple steps!
    Sometimes it just nice to relax with your colored pencils and Jan Fagan's adorable tutorial will let you do just that: relax, enjoy and take pleasure in your colored pencil creation.

    Learn how to easily draw a glowing night sky, the illusion of depth and soft textures.

    Poignant and sweet, Under the Same Sky would make a perfect personalized greeting card to send to a loved one far away, or as a charming framed drawing for that little wall in your home.

    Using just 10 pencils, this would be a perfect lesson to put on a clipboard and take with you on vacation or to curl up with on the sofa.

    See the Materials list.

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    What's Inside?

    ♦ Reference photo and line drawing, and instruction for transferring

    ♦ 9 detailed steps for creating this adorable scene

     ♦ Complete materials list

     Pencil pressure and stroke guides

     Hints, tips, and more

    So let's Jumpstart your colored pencil skills right away! You'll learn so much and be so proud of your results.

    Printed in the USA. Publish Date: September 2019.

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  • Rocket your way through the novice stage!

    I remember feeling so frustrated and insecure when I first started drawing with colored pencil because there was so much I didn't know. I so wish there had been a basic colored pencil handbook that caught me up to speed quickly.

    That's what the Jumpstart Jetpack Handbook is! It covers all the basics you need to know about pencils, drawing papers, impressed line, blending, burnishing and so much more. Add it to your order to get a jump on colored pencil in a hurry!

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