COLOR Magazine's 24th Annual Member Show 2023

Color Magazine's Annual Member Show is designed to showcase artwork from our subscribers of all levels.

This year's show was judged by last year's Best of Show winner, Peggy Magovern, in three categories: Beginner, Advanced, and Professional artists. From each category, Peggy has chosen First Place, Second Place, and Third Place award winners, Honorable Mentions, and a Best in Show overall winner.

We hope you enjoy the amazing artwork from each of these talented participants.  And if you are not a COLOR Magazine subscriber, join us and enter your artwork next year!


Bough to the Light
Kevin Rogers

Judge's comments: Truly stunning. An image that is both extremely well rendered in translucent blends but also in strong contrast and detail. The cropping of this image married a realistic rendering with an abstract, making shapes and blocks of subtle, complimentary colors just as important as the tree.


8.5" x 8.5"
Joan Gemme

Judge's comments: Beautiful execution of the medium with stunning and realistic details of soft and reflective surfaces.

It Comes with Age
16" x 20"
Landon Naffin

Judge's comments: Entertaining use of color patterns and textures with a strong sense of composition in color and pattern.

8.5" x 11"
Lyman Anderson

Judge's comments: Skillful rendering of detail that includes sharp contrasts and subtle translucent blends.


First Herteman
9.5" x 7.5"
Cathy Herteman

Judge's comments: Lovely sheen and sweet expression combined with a strong composition.


Hoi An Memories
Laura Cormier
16” x 13”

Judge's comments: Skillful application of a variety of fabric details within an interesting negative space.


Fleeting Beauty
24” x 18”
Lynne Forgette

Judge's comments: Very strong composition with beautiful and expressive textural variation.

Like a Watercolor in the Rain
11" x 14"
Gary Dyak

Judge's comments: Very entertaining movement for the eye with strong pattern and creativity.

22" x 28"
Susan Wehrman

Judge's comments: Technical master of minute and well-defined detail in contrast with contrasting blends of color.


Siren's Song
15" x 24"
Judith Shepelak

Judge's comments: Highly creative use of pattern and sense of movement for strong composition.


I Am Here
Brenda Eneboe
10” x 10”

Judge's comments: Beautiful reflective sheens with soft details for a captivating image.


The Shoemaker
10.5" x 10.5"
Carol Maltby

Judge's comments: Captured the timeless look of collectible works with a mastery of the medium.

12" x 25"
Scott Krohn

Judge's comments: Exceptional rendering of both hard and translucent images that earns a long look of appreciation.

New Beginnings
33" x 24"
Nancy Jacey

Judge's comments: Beautifully rendered with creative and imaginative imagery for expressing a magical mood.


If I Had Wings
12" x 12"
Lis Zadravec

Judge's comments: Lovely use of textural and delicate linear rendering of the medium for a dreamy and captivating image.


Ready to Fly
Julie Podstolski
12” x 15”

Judge's comments: Strong composition showing patterns with a creative use of shapes and masterful technical ability of the medium.