I felt like we were on Project Runway!

Posted on August 28, 2013 by Ann Kullberg | 1 Comment

We were just supposed to be getting together for some yummy Thai food, but then...

Last weekend, I had dinner plans with 3 other artists.   We get together fairly often to enjoy each others company and to yack about life and art. Three of us are colored pencil artists - myself, Anne deMille Flood (who wrote Realistic Pet Portraits in Colored Pencil) and Denise MacDonald.  The fourth member, Francis Buckmaster, is an artist of all mediums. Frances emailed us all a few days prior to our get together, asking if we'd meet 2 hours early for a little adventure.  She was quite mysterious about it, which upped the interest level considerably!

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See things you haven't seen before.

Posted on August 26, 2013 by Ann Kullberg | 7 Comments

A subscriber recently sent me an image of her "finished" piece. A day later, she sent me another image of the same artwork, saying she'd worked on it a little, and now it was really finished. Today, I got version three of her "finished" piece! 
It's been kind of cracking me up to tell you the truth...since even now, I fully expect that she'll tweak it a bit more and send me her final, final "finished" image!  Especially since I suggested a tip that has worked wonders for me in the past.

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We are all connected...Flooding in the Philippines

Posted on August 21, 2013 by Ann Kullberg | 62 Comments

Manila is under water.  Flooding from monsoons have left nearly 300, 000 homeless, with a death toll of 500 and climbing. It's pretty bad...

But what does that have to do with you?

For the past two years, CP Magazine has been expertly and beautifully designed each month by Garry Dimapilis...who happens to live in Manila.

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Printer Paper Pointers

Posted on August 20, 2013 by Ann Kullberg | 16 Comments

As dry media artists, we all know how important our choice of paper surface is - toothier papers will grab more color, but really eat up your pencils.  Smoother papers tend to make a very even coverage harder to achieve, since every little stroke shows up.

But did you also know about the huge, huge difference printer paper can make when printing out a reference photo, or when printing one of our Digital Download Kits?

Same image printed on different printer papers.

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Judge not, lest ye be judged...Unless they ask nicely!

Posted on August 10, 2013 by Ann Kullberg | 31 Comments

I spent Saturday morning judging the Drawing category of the Fine Art Exhibition of the Washington State Fair.  I learned that our state fair is the 7th largest in the nation!  1.2 million attend, and about a quarter of a million see the Art Exhibition.  Wow.  That's a pretty big deal.

I also learned that...OMG...you better be careful about how you frame the work you enter into a show!

I'll start at the beginning.

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A Few of my Favorites...

Posted on July 22, 2013 by Ann Kullberg | 2 Comments

Judging an art show is more than just choosing your favorites...I've given awards to pieces that I don't personally love and wouldn't much want hanging in my home - but I can still appreciate the skill, composition, technique and idea behind a work that is a cut above the others.

But I digress!  I actually just wanted to talk about some of my favorites that didn't win awards.  I have loads of favorites...but here are a handful:

Janice Norton's Rosemary in Winter

Mood, mood, mood.  Janice's work always feels to me like it comes so directly from the heart that it almost feels like voyeurism to look at them.  Of course, her lighting is gorgeous and her values are wonderful, and her drawing skills are excellent - but somehow her style is so emotionally laden that it feels like peeking into a gentle soul.

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What makes it a Treasure, anyway?

Posted on May 22, 2013 by Ann Kullberg | 0 Comments

I never tire of looking through these pages, or showing it to others not familiar with colored pencil...just to watch their jaws drop!  With my iPad I have shown the book to countless folks seated next to me on a flight...just for the sheer pleasure of watching their eyes widen and their sounds of disbelief.  Oh, I do love seeing folks instantly change their minds about the "lowly" colored pencil!

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