Country Eggs: In-Depth Colored Pencil Tutorial

  • Lovely, warm, and homespun!

    In this rustic still life from Mandy Peltier, you’ll use sanded paper to create a basket of farm-fresh eggs and bright violets. Have fun mastering a variety of different textures: metal, wood, eggshell, soft flower petals — and even semi-transparent cloth — all in one project!

    Working on sanded paper is a fun and different approach to using colored pencil and it gives your artwork a soft look with a bit of texture; just perfect for creating a feeling of home and nostalgia. It's also a very forgiving surface, so goofs are never really goofs. You can fix anything!

    Learn how to:
    • Add highlights over other colors
    • work on sanded paper
    • create a variety of soft and hard textures
    • incorporate Brush and Pencil products into your work

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    Draw... Frame... Bask in your talent!

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    Printed in the USA. Publish Date: August 2019.

  • ♦ 32 full-color, step-by-step images / 24 pages

    ♦ Reference photos and line drawings to transfer

    ♦ Highly detailed instructions for every step

    ♦ List of all materials needed
    Please note: Fisher 400 Panel, 8" x 10" is not provided with this project. You can find this unique surface online here or by check your local art supply store.

    In-Depth at-home tutorials are created with emphasis on the why of the particular technique, rather than just the what, which is by far the best kind of instruction. You'll find no clearer or more thorough colored pencil instruction online, and what you learn in this lessons will help you with your own future drawing projects.

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