Join author Amy Lindenberger on May 26 in a free online meeting to get started, ask questions and learn more about her newly published system for accurately and easily seeing choosing and mixing colors. Understanding color is a huge part of creating successful art - but till now, there have been so few tools.

Learn why - Learn how - Learn the strategy - it's all free!

In Amy's own words:

"I am very passionate about the subject of color mixing, in part because I know how baffling it was to me when I was a student, and in part because I've seen my own students slowed down or stuck, because they didn't know what color to use and had to wait for me to tell them. I knew that what was needed was not formulas, but a proven strategy for color mixing that an artist could turn to that would give them the right color, every time. That strategy is achievable by creating the color-matching tools that I have laid out in my book.

While it is fine to give written directions for creating the tools, I believe it is even MORE powerful to be able to talk directly to students in order to communicate: WHY the tools are important, HOW to create them correctly, and then to demonstrate how they are used to help match color. I also think it is beneficial to open a conversation with students, to be able to answer their questions and provide some support. Those are the things I hope to achieve with this webinar."

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Important Note:
Demand for this online session was sooo much higher than than we could have expected. We have reached capacity for the live session on May 26th. If you sign up now, you will still absolutely get a recording of the meeting after it's finished.