Portrait Workshop Video Formats

Prefer Things that are Tangible?

We'll ship your Video DVD to you snail mail for your viewing and learning pleasure. Watch on your TV with a DVD player, or on your computer/laptop in your DVD drive.


You'll have the DVD workshop in your hands forever. If you're used to playing DVD's, it will be technically easy.  You can see it full screen, even on a large TV.  Highest quality video.


You'll have to wait for us to ship it to you, and pay for shipping. Not playable on portable devices like tablets or iPads (it will play on portable dvd players or laptops with a DVD drive). You'll still have to deal with a little technology, as we'll email you a link to any PDF exercises/materials that accompany a particular video workshop.

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Like to Travel Light?


Try our streaming videos. Hosted on Vimeo, we'll email you a password & web address immediately after purchase and you can start watching, on any device.​


Nothing to store or lose, your workshop video will be available to you at any time, from any device at home, or away, as long as you have the password. Slightly cheaper than the DVD option.


You'll want a decent internet connection, since it's streaming video. We can't offer anything but basic tech support for you, but Vimeo is very user-friendly. Quality of video stream depends on your internet connection.

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Itching to Download?

We'll email you a link, right after purchasing, so you can download a zip file.  Once downloaded, open to watch on your computer monitor.


You'll have the DVD workshop file on your own computer and won't need to remember a password to view it.  Slightly cheaper than the DVD option.


These files are really huge, so depending on your internet connection, it may take quite a while to download. This option will only work on your desktop/laptop computer Quality of video depends on the quality of the video card in your computer.

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