Ann Kullberg LIVE! Webinars


Webinar Class Offerings:

Part 1: Essentials to Ann's Portrait Techniques

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Topics: Ann covers the supplies and supports that are the foundation of her techniques. Ann is a stickler for explaining why for every bit of advice she gives, so you'll learn the thinking behind her choices for paper, sharpeners, lighting, tracing options, erasing, and more. She also will teach you how to develop your eye for values and color. Approx. 50 minutes.

Interactive: See the presentations and videos that make Ann's methods crystal clear.  Ann answers questions posed during the webinar and offers advice on "best practices" on light, surface, values and more.

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"First of all I'd like to say thank you so much for such a wonderful webinar.  I truly enjoyed it and can't wait for the next one." - P. Christy


Part 2: Let them Glow! - Beautiful Skin Tones, Shading & Vertical Line Techniques

This LIVE Webinar is over.  Purchase the Video Recording of this webinar HERE >

Topics:   Ann will teach you every step and nuance of her unique method for building rich, glowing skin tones. Master her vertical line technique once and for all!  Approx.65 minutes.

Part 1 Essentials Webinar or previous attendance in one of Ann's Portrait Workshops is strongly encouraged.

Bonus:  Receive corresponding printable exercises that directly reinforce the class topics.  You'll even have the option to have Ann critique your completed practice work!

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Coming this Spring:

Part 3: Advanced Skin Tones

Part 4: Windows to the Soul - Drawing and Rendering Expressive Eyes

Part 5: Capture! - Facial Features and Capturing a Likeness

Coming this Summer:

Part 6: Wavy, Curly & More - Drawing Hair without Drawing Hairs!

Part 7: Folds & Textures - Fabrics & Clothing Made Simple

Part 8: You're Worth It - Learn How to Navigate the Business of Portrait Commissions

Technical Info

A high-speed internet connection is required, but you do not need any software to join Ann live. Once you register for a webinar, you'll receive an e-mail reminder the day before and also one hour before class. Five minutes before the Webinar begins, click on the link provided in the e-mail and you will join the webinar session live. Each class is approximately 60 - 75 minutes. After the live webinar, you'll be emailed a complimentary edited video recording of the webinar you attended.

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