Enter COLOR Magazine's
25th Annual Member Show

Ann Kullberg's COLOR Magazine Member Show is held online every year and welcomes colored pencil artists of all ages and skills, with prizes in Beginner, Advanced, and Professional categories. If you have never entered a show before, this is great place to begin. And you never know... you may win a prize! Good Luck!


Entries close July 1, 2024, 11:59 p.m.

Who Qualifies?

All subscribers to Ann Kullberg's COLOR Magazine are eligible. If you have a print or digital subscription to our magazine, you can enter for FREE. Not a subscriber?

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Just Four Simple Rules:
• Be a subscriber to COLOR Magazine.
• Your submission must be 90% colored pencil.
• Your photo reference must be your own photo.
• One entry per subscriber.


Three categories and great prizes in each category for First, Second and Third Place winners, plus Best in Show!

Best of Show and First Place winners: Trophy Water Bottle with your name and award, plus $100 Gift Certificate to, and an Award Certificate

Second Place Winners: $75 Gift Certificate to plus an Award Certificate

Third Place Winners: $50 Gift Certificate to plus an Award Certificate

Honorable Mention: Award Certificate


This Year's Judge

The show will be juried by last year's Best of Show winner, Kevin Rogers. Kevin lives in a small town in Queensland, Australia and has been interested in art from a very early age. Kevin is self-taught and has been working with coloured pencils for six years, during that time Kevin has won many international awards. Kevin retired at the age of 52 to pursue his art. 


Bough to the Light by Kevin Rogers