Personal Critique from Gemma Gylling

Sure, your spouse & best buds think your cats are amaaaazing but maybe they could be just a little bit better?

The critique process is simple but the results could be just what's needed to move your art from good to great.

1. Complete any two of the mini-demos from Chapters 3-4. (These are demos of specific features like eyes, mouths, ears, noses, etc.)

2. Complete any one of the full demos from Chapters 5-8. (These are multi-step demos featuring complete drawings of: a lion cub, bob cat kittens, a tabby & black cats).

3. Scan or use a digital camera to photograph your three completed drawings.

4. Fill out a quick, easy form to let us know your colored pencil experience level, then upload your drawings and submit!  (A link to the form will be emailed to you after you purchase the Ultra-Premium edition of CP Cats: A Complete Guide to Wild & Domestic Cats in Colored Pencil.)

Gemma will contact you shortly after with a comprehensive written critique outlining your strong points and techniques along with suggestions on what needs to be improved and how to do that.  It's not enough to know what you're not doing right if you don't know how to turn things around!

No one knows cats in colored pencil like Gemma Gylling. How about you get a personal lesson from the best? (Critique not available separately.)

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