COLOR Magazine Line Drawings - 2019

These are line drawings that accompany each 2019 COLOR magazine's Step by Step article in case you'd like to try drawing the lesson yourself!

Click on a line drawing image to download a printable PDF.

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From the January 2019 issue

Step by Step by Mandy Peltier



From the February 2019 issue

Step by Step by Cindy McClure



The March 2019 issue
Step by Step has no line drawing.
From the April 2019 issue
Step by Step by Carol Ann Doran
From the April 2019 issue:
Grey Colored Pencil Comparison Chart by Robin Rudolph
From the May 2019 issue:
The Violet Veil by Tamsin Dearing
From the June 2019 issue:
A Rad(ish) Tutorial by Jocelyn Brandow
From the July 2019 issue:
Chrome Skull by Bonnita Moaby
From the August 2019 issue
One Nose, A Million Textures by Ami Schütz
Pikes Peak Line Drawing by Dan Miller From the September 2019 issue
Pikes Peak Winter by Dan Miller
From the October 2019 issue: 
Pet Portrait by Antoniette Preston
From the November 2019 issue: 
Augustus by Jo McKinney
From the December 2019 issue: 
The Captivating Caracal by Isobel Buckley