COLOR Magazine Line Drawings - 2020

These are line drawings that accompany each 2020 COLOR Magazine's Step by Step article in case you'd like to try drawing the lesson yourself!

Click on a line drawing image to download a printable PDF.

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From the January 2020 issue

Step by Step: Romantic Sepia and Cream by Andria Burchett

 (Click image to download)

From the February 2020 issue

Step by Step: Knight of the Savannah by Kinsey Lane

(Click image to download)

From the March 2020 issue

Step by Step: Pastel Hues - Watercolor Pencils on Paper by Neha Subramaniam

(Click image to download)

From the April 2020 issue

Step by Step: Mysterie (Red-tailed black cockatoo) by Tracey Chaykin

(Click image to download)

From the May 2020 issue

Step by Step: Mesmerizing by Janki Chokshi

(Click image to download)

From the June 2020 issue

Step by Step: Sparkling Crystal by Nancy Honaker.  Photo reference and step-by-step images

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From the June 2020 issue

What is a Grisaille and How Do You Use One? by Carrie Lewis. Photo reference

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