Save 60% - Jumpstart Digital Bundle: 21 Lessons

  • You want it all!
    Save 60% for a limited time when you get this collection of every Jumpstart lesson to date. Find step by step colored pencil instruction for beginners  in Levels 1, 2 and 3 - with this collection, you skills will grow by leaps and bounds. Plus, get the Jumpstart Jetpack for FREE - packed with overviews of technique - and videos!

    Break out those colored pencils and drawing paper and venture into the wonderful world of creating fine art with colored pencils. Start with Level 1 and work your way up to Level 3, learning CP techniques like layering, blending and pencil strokes. You can take trial and error straight out of your vocabulary with Jumpstart's clear step by step instruction. Each lesson guides you through 7-10 steps from start to finish.

    Full size reference photo and line drawing included in every lesson. When you've finished the set, you'll be off and running drawing animals, still life, flowers and landscapes.

    “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” - Plato  

    Each project includes:

    ♦ 7-10 detailed steps (or less!) that take you from start to finish.

    Large, easy to follow step-by-step images.

     ♦ Crystal-clear, detailed layer-by-layer instruction.

    Trace-able line drawing plus full size reference photo.

    Color guides, suggested materials, hints, tips, and more.


    Get the
    Jetpack Handbook
    for FREE with this collection!

    This collection is available as a digital download only. Please find these lessons in print here.
  • Rocket your way through the novice stage
    This digital add-on is included for FREE!

    I remember feeling so frustrated and insecure when I first started drawing with colored pencil because there was so much I didn't know. I so wish there had been a basic colored pencil handbook that caught me up to speed quickly.

    That's what the Jumpstart Jetpack Handbook is! It covers all the basics you need to know about pencils, drawing papers, impressed line, blending, burnishing and so much more.  Add it to your order to get a jump on colored pencil in a hurry!

    Bonus: Download exclusive video tutorials for FREE with the Jetpack.

  • Packed with Knowledge!
    Three Level 1: Novice Projects...
    Western Bluebird by Dan Miller
    Ripe Tomato by Judith Selcuk
    Blue Morpho Butterfly by Denise J. Howard

    Seven Level 2: Beginner Projects...
    Cherries by Cecile Baird
    Zebra by Amy Lindenberger
    Pansies by Judith Selcuk
    Candy Canes by Ann Kullberg
    Mountain Goats by Amy Lindenberger
    Orangesicle Delight by Judith Selcuk
    Red Pepper by Ann Kullberg

    Eleven Level 3: Intermediate Projects...
    Glass with Lemons by Carmen Barros
    Windmill & Tulip by Judith Selcuk
    Fall Pumpkin by Rhonda Dicksion
    White Kitten by Sherry Goeben
    Boat on the Lake by Judith Selcuk
    Calla Lily by Ann Kullberg
    Country Cottage by Judith Selcuk
    Ladybug by Cynthia Knox
    Lovebird by Judith Selcuk
    Primary Pencils by Ranjini Venkatachari
    Stargazer Lily by Judith Selcuk


    Get the
     Jetpack Handbook 
    for FREE with this collection!


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