The Cat's Meow

June 10, 2023

Cats Are Beautiful... Mysterious... Sassy...

But even more so when you look closely. Luminous eyes, multi-colored fur, a delicate pink nose, and a special personality to capture in colored pencil. From beginning to end, with tips on color choices, layering methods, handling the pencil, and using an X-Acto blade to etch out fine details, Peggy will share her many techniques that you can use to capture your own furry feline’s uniqueness. Get ready to open the doors for a creative, individual look that will transform realism into realism-plus! This exciting workshop is a special chance to learn skills from Peggy that will fire-up your own artwork.

Mesmerizing Cat Eyes

You'll learn to apply translucent layers of color, and discover19 unusual colors that make a variety of hues. Peggy will show you how blend them with your own creativity to perfectly capture those mesmerizing cat eyes.

Surprising Colors!

Peggy's art is described as "dazzling!" Her unique method of using bright and vivid colors brings life and personality to her work and wins awards. In this workshop, you'll get to create art that is unique to YOU!

Thick, Lustrous Fur

You'll learn to draw fur that looks thick and lustrous and you'll have lot of chances to make your own choices along the way. The result is artwork that goes beyond realism to capture the cat's personality.

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About Peggy Magovern

Peggy is an award-winning colored pencil fine artist, judge, instructor, and director of national and international workshops. Her original art has been displayed in galleries, museums, and collected nation-wide. Her printed art images are also found in books, book covers, magazines, and editorial publications.

“What a wonderful class! Peggy is a fabulous teacher. I loved the freedom of using such bright and beautiful neon colors. I will definitely take another class with Peggy.”
–Barbie A.

“This workshop was incredible! Getting so much variety out of such a limited number of pencils is great. Love Peggy's teaching style! Can't wait to do more.”
–Ann T.

"Peggy provides excellent instruction with patience and grace. She shares little stories of her own art journey and some surprises in her artwork. Her process highlights the importance of values and the benefit of complementary colors to add vibrance and realistic skin tone. She demonstrates a carefree approach which encourages fun and play. It was an amazing experience with an amazing instructor."
–Duff J.

Peggy's Dazzling Artwork

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