Super Workshops - Super Intense, Super Fun!

5-Day intensive workshop with Ann and just a handful of students. 

Once or twice a year, I hold a Super Workshop somewhere in the country, limited to 5 or 6 students. 

This workshop is about YOU. It’s basically a one-on-one workshop that you’re sharing with a 4 or 5 others. That means you decide what you want to concentrate on. Portraits? Skin Tones? Hair? Drawing skills? Animals? Color? It really is up to you!

We get started even before the first day of class, which means you’ll have to think about what you most want to get out of this week. A  month before class, you'll  email me 2 or 3 reference photos that you think you would like to work on in class. I’ll help you crop, correct color and give composition advice via email or Skype. Once I’ve approved your reference photo, you’ll be asked to draw/trace a line drawing and email that to me for approval. The line drawing is a huge factor in the outcome of your final piece, so I want to make sure you get started in class with the best possible beginning.

You’re spending a lot of time and money on this class and I’m determined to give each of you 100% of me and my resources from the get go. That means that I won’t just be nice to be nice. That would waste your time, effort and money. My former Super Workshop students will tell you – I’m serious about these Super Workshops; serious about taking you to the next level or beyond in our week together. Which is a long way of saying – don’t feel bad if I correct your line drawing or ask you to start over. It’s happened many times – but in the end my students are always thrilled with the final outcome. And don’t be scared either – even when I’m serious, I’m all about having fun!

Upcoming Super Workshop: 

*NEW* Renton, WA - 5-day Super Workshop
June 10 - 14, 2020

Local Coordinator: Lorri Dixon and MarJean Krupp
Meeting Location:
 17131 SE Petrovitsky Rd., Renton WA 98058 (map)
Class Time:
9:15 to 4:30 (45 minute lunch break) the first 4 days, 9:00 to noon on the last day. (no lunch break)
Workshop Fee: 
$685 total for 5 days with $150 non-refundable deposit


*NEW* Breese, IL - 5-day Super Workshop
April 19-23, 2021

Local Coordinator: Ann Kullberg
Meeting Location:
 Private residence. Address will be emailed to you after registration.
Class Time: 
9:15 to 4:30 (45 minute lunch break) the first 4 days, 9:00 to noon on the last day. (no lunch break)
Workshop Fee: 
$680 total for 5 days with $150 non-refundable deposit


Hope to see you at a Super Workshop soon!

Want to set up a Super Workshop in your area? Feel free to Contact Ann about setting one up in your area.

Are you joining the next Super Workshop? See FAQs below.

Reference photo guidelines:

You’ll need large, clear images with good light. Preferably ones you took with this workshop in mind. A good photo is half the battle. When I take reference photos, I generally take no fewer than 40 or 50 shots, hoping one will work as a reference photo. They will need to be large enough to print at 8 x 10 without losing clarity.

Line drawing guidelines:

Print your reference photo, then either tape to a window or light box with drafting/painter’s tape. Place a sheet of matte drafting film on top and tape down. Use a sharp graphite pencil (just a regular #2 pencil is fine) to carefully trace the photo onto drafting film. Scan the line drawing to send to me. Once approved, tape drafting film to a light box (or tape to window) and place your Stonehenge paper on top. You’ll be able to see through the Stonehenge. With a light touch (lighter than you write with) trace the lines onto your Stonehenge.


Prismacolors or your brand of choice, drafting brush, pencil sharpener, your line drawing transferred to Stonehenge, your drafting film tracing, your reference photo.