Silver Still Life

New Dates to be Announced!

Beginners welcome. No drawing skills required – you’ll start with a tracing!

The workshop materials include the reference photo and a line drawing to transfer to your drawing paper. What’s better than improving your skill set, learning from a pro, creating a drawing beautiful enough to frame or gift – all from the comforts of home? 


Drawing different textures is really just a matter of learning to find “the system” for creating the illusion of the texture you’re trying to draw realistically. Carmen can show you how easy it can be to draw peach fuzzy textures or the soft petals of a sunflower!


Reflections can look a lot tougher to draw than they really are but why figure out the secret sauce of realistic reflections all on your own? Carmen thrives on drawing shine – and she won’t hold anything back as she shares with you all her tips and tricks.


Carmen has efficiency in drawing all figured out – let the paper do some of the work for you! Colored pencil on black paper is a favorite way for Carmen to work because it saves time and she can’t wait to show you how and why. More time = more time for more art!

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"This is my favorite class so far. Carmen did such a great job teaching! She is very patient and makes sure to stop and check in and see if there are any questions. She made drawing glass seem so much easier than it looks. She gave such great tips and advice for working on glass and shiny surfaces. I had never worked on a sanded paper before and there was a great explanation on how to work on a sanded surface with advice and tips for different problems that might occur and ways we could handle them. The class was taught at a good pace and the instructions were clear. I really love the class and look forward to taking more classes taught by Carmen!"


"I totally enjoyed this class the instructions were very clear and concise. Carmen was easy to talk to and ask questions. Thank you!"


"This workshop was very well done. I thoroughly enjoyed Carmen’s presentation. She demonstrated well, gave clear instructions, answered questions, kept us moving to the point that I was unaware of the time that had passed, provided regular appraisals of our progress if we chose to text her our pictures, and she has a warm, pleasant manner. I wouldn’t hesitate taking another class presented by this artist. Thank you."

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