SHINE - Turn Your Art Into Income

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Ann Kullberg's 2-part series will unleash your power to turn your art into income.

How did Ann do it?

• When Ann started taking commissions, she'd never taken an art class.

• She also had no business background of any kind.

• And she had zero sales or marketing experience.

• What else did she lack? Social media - or for that matter, the internet!

But somehow Ann built a successful portrait commission business from the ground up,
delivering a new portrait painting every two weeks for over 12 years.

Ann will help you:

• Strip away the fear of starting to take art commissions.

• Move yourself out of dreaming about it to actually doing it.

• Learn how to create your art business step by step with confidence.

• Avoid mistakes that will cost you time and money.

• Easily handle clients so they are happy with your delivered art.

• Create income from your art – on your terms!

What's included?

• Access to the entire pre-recorded webinar, streaming or direct download from Vimeo. 

• The most valuable questions and answers gathered from every past live session with Ann.

• Lots of extras!! Thorough, detailed guide (PDF) that is literally a
blueprint for Ann's process to start your commission business.
Includes sample contracts, price list, reference photo guides and much more

Part 1

 Ann’s story of how she started and built her portrait business from the ground up.

 Prepare – how to find your style, improve your work and be ready for that exciting first commission.

 The 6 clear steps to move you from a hobbyist to a professional, paid artist.

 Detailed instructions for working with clients to getting great reference photos.

Part 2

 Pricing – how to price your work for your market.

 Create a system to price your art that’s fair for everyone, including you.

 Marketing - exact methods for putting yourself out there.

 Contracts – keep yourself protected and your client informed.

 Editable samples of contracts and price lists.