smART card Mouth Set - Bonus Material

Mouth Set
Bonus Online Material

 Thank you for your recent purchase at We know this tool will continue to be helpful with each portrait you do!

How to use this material: We've created this Bonus Material to help you practice the mouths found on the smART card Mouth Set.  Click on one of the Reference Photo links below to open a Word document containing a Reference Photo you can print out.  Click on one of the Line Drawing links to open a line drawing you can print to trace the demo. (We use Word documents because the images then retain the 300 dpi necessary for printing.) When you click on the link, you will be asked if you want to Open or Save the file.  Click OPEN, then once it's open, you can print or save the document to your computer.



 Man's Mouth
 Woman's Mouth
Missing Teeth
 Click here for Reference Photo  Click here for Reference Photo   Click here for Reference Photo 
 Click here for Line Drawing  Click here for Line Drawing    Click here for Line Drawing


 smART card Eye Set Preview

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