River Rocks Pajama Class

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3 reasons to invest in this Pajama Class:     


Where to start to make something flat look round? Where to start on colored paper to get whites light and darks dark? Scott works in a wonderfully unique quadrant sort of method that will have you answering those questions and more, for yourself, even!


The beauty of a Pajama Class (versus watching YouTube) is that you're not alone. Scott will frequently check your progress, answer your questions, and make sure you stay on the right path for a successful drawing.    


Slick, wet rocks - striped, mottled and more,  glistening like jewels in a river. As a high school art teacher with over 25 years experience, Scott knows his craft and will pass on the his tried and true techniques to create these wet beauties.

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"Incredible Workshop! When I saw Scott's workshop I knew I had to attend! I was dumbfounded that you could achieve such effects with pencils. Scott's talent is undeniable. He's amazing. And he is a great and patient instructor."

"I was initially excited, then terrified, thinking it was going to be beyond my capabilities. Amazingly enough, Scott makes it very doable with a workbook that breaks the process down and clear demos. The process is applied to each kind of very different looking rock, and by the end you are able to apply and think with it for yourself. Scott is a high school teacher, so you know he has the patience of a saint!"

"It was an amazing experience to follow Scott through this workshop. Time passed quickly and every moment was packed with useful hints and advice of how to create rocks and make them actually glisten. Scott shared his knowledge generously and we could feel his love for rocks, water and coloured pencils. I'm very grateful I had a chance to join. Thank you very much."

Have you learned how to make things look round, in colored pencil?

It can look almost like magic. And when successful, it can make you FEEL pretty magical, too.

As a professionally trained art instructor, Scott knows just how to share his best colored pencil and drawing tips, tricks and techniques you  need to become a bit of an art magician yourself!  His first passion is art - but his second passion is making your art sing!

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