River Otters

In-Depth Colored Pencil Tutorial by Rebecca O'Neil

Best Buddies? Sweethearts? Father and Son?
No way to know, but we do know these river otters are adorable. Learn how to draw this charismatic duo, step by step. 

3 Reasons You'll Love This Tutorial...


You'll start right with a grisaille (shade drawing) in white. Establishing lights and darks right from the start is key to working accurately on colored paper surfaces.

Fast & Loose

You'll make fast work of textures with quick, loose strokes, covering ground quickly. You'll get the appearance and texture of objects without having to draw every little detail. 


You'll bring it all together with solvent! Smooth, intense realism is yours with the proper application of Gamsol. Learn how to create realism with your brush!

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28 steps. Large images. Detailed instruction. It’s a winning combination!

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