They Like Us!!


About our CD Combo's:

I've checked out a couple of the ones I have and I absolutely love them!  I can't wait to try out some of the exercises and I love reading the critiques, tips, etc.- Rita Morgan, TN

I don't want to wait one more second to applaud, laud and praise you for the so marvelous CD's I received this week (all of them) and have just begun to watch.  I thought maybe I was taking a chance trying something for the first time and so much, but having seen ONLY GLOWING THINGS related to you on Amazon and a few other places I felt I'd take a plunge. Oh - if all my other plunges ever went a quarter so well. I decided this morning just to pop CD #9 into my PC and see how it ran etc. Being October, I picked that to try.  Well it's hours since and 3 cups of tea, I have so enjoyed the linked websites, am thrilled with your Tips - all of which apply to me, it seems individually - and I haven't even finished that single month yet. Just had to tell you how wonderful your work on these CD's is and how I appreciate it. - Lynn Patten, NY

I am very pleased with the speed at which my order reached me. I had planned to be waiting weeks, and here it was only a couple of days!!The amount of work and thought that has been put into your materials is appreciated. There is such a thoroughness of detail.Thank you for the inspiration.- Mary Lou Dobson


About CP Magazine:

Wonderful, wonderful magazine....I really hope you will continue this tremendous work that connects all of us colored pencil have helped me beyond words...thank you so much. - Diane Turgeon, Quebec

I am just writing to say how much I love your magazine, having been a subscriber for many years.  I'm grateful for all the things you've taught me and the inspiration and encouragement you give.  - Linda Edwards, NY

I received your special Botanical issue of CP magazine today.  When my husband handed it to me he said, "Wow, this wasn't printed on a 100 dollar printer!" He was impressed with the quality before we even opened it and could look inside.  This is great and I will treasure it. Just looking through your magazine this morning already is a feel good thing.  You so obviously enjoy your work.  Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how great this magazine is. - Janet Fish, KS

I enjoyed your entire magazine and will be looking forward to the December issue. What a nice information source for the colored pencil artist. Keep up the great work! - Lisa Webskowski, MN

You have a great magazine.  I have ordered the past issues (CD Combo's) and plan to purchase last year's, too.  A great resource and inspiration.  - Audra Koehler, NE

I got today my printed CP 2012 magazines, and had to tell you how impressed I am with the presentation, paper, reproductions and colour. A wonderful package...- Raquel Baranyai, Ontario

It just occurred to me that, unlike most magazines or books I receive, I read your monthly CP Magazine from front to back.   You always have valuable information, excellent critiques, much needed tips and beautiful images to take in.  I just finished reading every single word of the June issue!  I couldn't wait to see this issue. THANK YOU ! - Loretta Casler


About Soft Realism Companion Video CD 

I'd like to express my gratitude for all the knowledge I gained in the past few days since I purchased both of your books as well as the companion CD to Soft Realism. I've learned more about CP in the few days I've had your books and CD than I had in weeks before. It's a shame that Soft Realism is out of print, it's such an incredible book. It was quite hard to find but it was worth every penny. And when I watched the videos I had one "a-ha!" moment after the other! - Jade Scarlett, NY

I bought your Companion Soft Realism CD...this is fantastic!!! makes such a massive difference (to me anyway) to be able to actually see you doing it and not just explaining in the written word. That CD was one of the best Art Instructional CD's that I have ever bought...well done! and thank you for the inspiration and a goal to strive for. - Boshy

Last week I received the Soft Realism video CD.  Thank you so much for making that video.  I have only had the time so far to view a part of the video but it has already cleared up one major problem I had with the back-ground vegetation I need for the horse drawings I do.   Often I mess up a drawing that I feel I have completed well up to the point where I start the background.  Seeing you work the grass and bark of the tree opened my eyes to what I was doing wrong. - Connie Burkhardt, TX

- My response to the CD-ROM videos is an eye-poppin' WOW!

- I highly recommend owning this CD set to anyone who sincerely wants to learn how to paint realistic pictures in colored pencil. It's like inviting Ann Kullberg into your home for a personal one-on-one workshop. In fact, in some ways it's better than a live workshop because you can have her do one of these lessons anytime, at your own convenience to fit your own schedule.

- I feel as if I had my own private lessons from someone whose talent I admire so much. What a wonderful addition to the book. I love it and will use it often.

- I am really impressed with the CD. If you want to review something again, you can, with just a click of the button. I am a very visual person. Books are great, but for me there is nothing like seeing someone actually do it. What a great opportunity for someone starting out in CP, especially if they are unable to attend of your workshops. - I am grateful for the excellent helpful information in the cd. It is practical information, well presented, easy to understand. - I appreciate your effort on creating this cd and more than you will ever know. I learned a ton. thank you!!!

About our Project Kits

I just wanted to tell you that I thank the Lord I discovered you. A few years back I bought "Colored Pencil Portraits." I was blown away by how beautiful your work was and shocked that colored pencil could look like a painted work of art. Since then I bought a few of your project kits, lessons on CD, and the portrait tools. I refer to them quite often! At Christmas I gave away my first portrait - a drawing of my father-in-law's mother who passed away when he was little. He cried with appreciation when he saw it. And today I gave a portrait to my friend of her and her two daughters. I couldn't have done it without your guidance. I couldn't let another day go by without telling you how much you've touched my life and helped me feel confident in what I love to do. I thank you from the deepest of my heart. Maybe you'll be in the Northern Kentucky area someday? :) -Linda Kelemen


About our Workshop Cruises

Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed the cruise!!  It was my first cruise and you hooked me up with Nora M., which turned out to be great. I loved the classes and took away many ideas for the future on my art projects.  The cruise was absolutely perfect and I hope sometime in the future to do another. Thanks for finding me a room-mate for the cruise -- it worked out wonderfully!! - Jean White, PA

Thanks so much for arranging such a wonderful trip..........I truly learned sometime from each of the talented instructors!!!  The trip was great, relaxing and inspiring, and I would highly recommend it to any artist, or potential artist, what a great way to enjoy colored pencil!!! Thanks again, hope to sail with you again soon!!! Pat Jackman

Thank you for an incredible cruise.  I simply fell in love with both instructors - two marveous ladies.  I'm only sorry I didn't have my camera the last days so i could have a copy of you three "working it" in the final photo shoot.  What a hoot!  Thanks, again !! - Tess Miller

The cruise was so much fun and you, were the best.   It was such a thrill to meet all of you and to see how you create such wonderful pieces of art with your pencils.   I will keep an eye on when you are having your next cruise and see if I will be able to hop on board again.  I will never forget this cruise and you...especially your laugh. Thanks for everything you did to make this great experience happen.-  Louann Stark, AZ


About our Portrait Tools

I received my Portrait Tool Set and I am so happy to have the helping tool of the value finder. I have been struggling for years guessing which pencil I should use. Now I have this wonderful guide. - Bettie Nelson Butcher, TX

I received the Portrait Tools Set, and it really is THE portrait CD.  It is AMAZING. Thanks so much for having it shipped out so quickly.  I have been learning sooooo much!  I am absolutely thrilled with it.  I have a feeling that the noses in my portraits may actually be recognizable as noses....eventually. - Teresa Rogers, KS

I love all the things that I purchased from your site...those charts for doing mouths and and eyes are SO good!!! - Charlene Hughes, IN