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If you're interested in...

Trying a variety of surfaces & techniques

Investing in your passion and your art

Learning from the best of the best

Clear, step-by-step Instruction

Creating beautiful art

Having fun

Then you're absolutely at the right place!

All our Colored Pencil Project Tutorials contain:
  • The instruction you need to learn how to succeed with new surfaces, subject matters and techniques.
  • Over 30 Full-Color step-by-step demos¬† - so you'll know where you're headed and you'll learn how to get there.
  • Palette List & General Instructions - Highly detailed instructions for every step, including color, pressure, stroke and pencil sharpness.
  • Clear Reference Photo & Line Drawing with guidance on how to transfer and get started.
  • Emphasis on the "why" of the technique, and not just the "what" - It's like having a personal mini-workshop at home!

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