Online Colored Pencil Workshops

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Whether you want to better understand color, improve your colored pencil portraits, or are a beginner eager to speed up your learning curve - we have an online colored pencil webinar for YOU!  

"The digital Zoom workshop was, in my opinion, great, even advantageous. We received the same great instruction from Ann Kullberg that I envisioned. I learned so much about creating skin tones and the details of making eyes come to life! It was so totally worth the the time and effort invested."

- Melodie L., Tier 2 Portraits Workshop with Ann

"The workshop transformed my two regular days in two rich and passionate days. Because Ann is passionate and generous so her teaching has such a fresh style that I am thinking to take it again."

- Alessandra T., Tier 1 Online Workshop with Ann

Upcoming  Online Workshops


Summer Beach with Scott Krohn

When: March 2 & 3, 2024 (8:00 am - 2:00 pm Pacific Time) 
Instructor: Scott Krohn
Cost: $145 - Only a handful of spots left!

About the class: Can you hear the waves, feel the wind and sunshine? But can you DRAW it? Scott to the rescue! A pro at drawing wet sand and shiny rocks and a master instructor, Scott will teach you how to draw the challenging subject of sand. You’ll also draw shiny wet beach rocks as well as bubbly, foamy waves as they spread across the sand. So many marvelous textures and techniques to enjoy trying your hand at in this Summer Beach Pajama Class. Plus you'll get to stipple!

• Limited to 35 Students

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Dramatic Landscapes with Carrie Lewis

When: March 9, 2024 (1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Pacific Time) 
Instructor: Carrie Lewis
Cost: $35 - Sold out!

About the class: Let's Do Drama! Does weather fascinate you? Do you love the look of a sunny landscape against a dark and stormy sky? Have you ever wished you knew how to capture that kind of drama with colored pencils? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right Jelly Bean class. Carrie shares her tips, tools, and techniques for drawing dramatic landscapes on a dark colored Pastelmat. Watch as Carrie makes stormy clouds, sunlit fields, and grass and foliage come alive on her Pastelmat.

• Limited to 35 Students

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Mastering Color #2: Hands On: Putting the Tools into Practice with Amy Lindenberger

When: March 13, 2024 (8:00 am - 12:30 pm Pacific Time) 
Instructor: Amy Lindenberger
Cost: $45 - Only a handful of spots left!

About the class: With Amy's expert step-by-step guidance, you will put the tools, principles and strategies of her Colors Workbook to great use. Together, you'll draw a single-hue project in class - this luscious purple plum. Whether you learn by watching or doing, this hands-on project will clearly solidify Amy's color concepts for you.

• Limited to 45 Students

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Mastering Color #3: Skills for a Lifetime with Amy Lindenberger

When: April 3, 2024 (8:00 am - 2:00 pm Pacific Time) 
Instructor: Amy Lindenberger
Cost: $80 - Sold out!

About the class: For those who want to master Amy's concepts, this multi-hued project will cover so many hues of varying intensities and values that you can't help but be a pro by the end of this workshop. Limited to a small group so Amy can clarify and guide you to complete mastery of all the ins and outs of both the understanding of color, and the implementation of it in your artwork. Truly you are set to gain skills for a lifetime with this workshop.

• Limited to 30 Students

Sold Out

Drawing Your Furry Best Friend: German Shepherd Edition with Aimee Croteau

When: April 20 & 21, 2024 (8:00 am - 12:00 pm Pacific Time) 
Instructor: Aimee Croteau
Cost: $125

About the class: Any way you Slice it – this Pajama Class will teach you something new! Mouths, teeth, eyes – but most importantly, the stiff, bristly hair of this handsome German Shepherd will be thoroughly covered in class, as Aimee shows you how to effectively use the amazing Slice tool to capture highlights, teeny-tiny details and the final fur texture. Throughout the process, you will learn how to see and utilize the different colors in a subject as well as how to layer the colored pencil to create richness and depth.

• Limited to 35 Students

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Mastering Color #4: Embrace All the Brands with Amy Lindenberger

When: April 24, 2024 (8:00 am - 12:00 pm Pacific Time) 
Instructor: Amy Lindenberger
Cost: $45 - Only 1 spot left!

About the class: You’re starting to get comfortable with Amy’s 12-color palette system of color mixing, but now you ask: what about all of the OTHER pencils I own? Can I ever use them, and how do they fit into this system? In this webinar Amy will explain Part III of her book: HOW and WHY to learn to categorize your other pencils, how they relate to your 12-color palette, and how to make the best use of them in your drawings.

• Limited to 35 Students

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On-Demand Video Workshops

Video: Glistening Cherries with Carmen Barros

Instructor: Carmen Barros
Cost: $115

About the video: What is the secret to making colored pencil shine and glisten with contrast on black paper? In this video recording of her live workshop, Carmen will show you step by step how to make your cherries glisten and glow and how to isolate sections of crystal to gain accuracy. Begin with a value study in white, then gradually add color, starting with light reds and going ever darker to recreate these plump, vivid, eye-popping bombs of glistening color. You'll learn a ton about working on black paper, creating dramatic color and light, and how to draw cut crystal with ease. Carmen is a born teacher with years of experience and a calm, welcoming manner. You'll have anytime-always video access. Learn at your own speed... and refer to it again and again.

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Video: Colored Pencil Boot Camp with Jan Fagan

Instructor: Jan Fagan
Cost: $40

About the video: New to colored pencils? This video is for you! You could spend months learning all this on your own...or learn it all from Jan in one video workshop! Absolutely perfect for beginners. Spend 3.5 hours with Jan and make your very own CP Reference Manual stuffed with info you need to be well armed to tackle any colored pencil project. As Jan covers pencil brands, paper choices, tracing paper, paper stumps, sharpeners, erasers, pencil strokes, lightfastness, blending and too many more topics to mention, YOU will be creating your own book of colored pencil facts and tips for you to refer to forever. You'll have anytime-always video access. Learn at your own speed... and refer to it again and again.

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Video: Vintage Glass & Grapes with Cynthia Knox

Instructor: Cynthia Knox
Cost: $135

About the video: "Paint" like the Old Masters with your Colored Pencils! Join Cynthia in this workshop video as she teaches how to transform colored pencil drawings into luminous and richly saturated paintings with a variety of tips, textures, and techniques. This classic still life offers a few unique textures: Sleek grapes, shiny and reflective glass, and different wood grains. The rich background lends a moody touch and is offset by the directional lighting that illuminates one side of our subject. Cynthia shows you how to brilliantly create them all. You'll have anytime-always video access. Learn at your own speed... and refer to it again and again.

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Video: Bengal Tiger with Mark Menendez

Instructor: Mark Menendez
Cost: $75

About the video: "Simply stunning... and those eyes!" In this fun, skill-building workshop video, Mark Menendez will show you how to go fast-forward through a drawing by letting colored paper do a lot of the work for you. He'll lead you through building rich darks and brilliant lights — and all with only 20 colored pencils. Best of all - you'll learn how to perfect those intense eyes! You'll have anytime-always video access. Learn at your own speed... and refer to it again and again.

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Video: Free Colors Workbook Help Session

Instructor: Amy Lindenberger
Cost: Free

About the video: Learn Why - Learn How - Learn The Strategy - It's All Free! Watch author Amy Lindenberger in this free video to get started and learn more about her breakthrough system for accurately and easily seeing, choosing and mixing colors from Amy's best-selling book Colors: A Workbook. Understanding color is a huge part of creating successful art - but until now, there have been so few tools. You'll have anytime-always video access. Learn at your own speed... and refer to it again and again.

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Video: Mastering Colors #5 - Understanding Neutrals and Near-Neutrals

Instructor: Amy Lindenberger
Cost: $60

About the video: Watch Amy in this newly available video in the Mastering Colors series! Very pale and almost — but not quite — browns and grays present a special challenge to artists. Those kinds of colors seem so different from our full-spectrum color wheel, so how do you best work with them in this 12-color system from her best-selling publication Colors: A Workbook? Let Amy Lindenberger show you how! You'll have anytime-always video access. Learn at your own speed... and refer to it again and again.

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Video: Furry Fox with Judith Selcuk

Instructor: Judith Selcuk
Cost: $55

About the video: Furry, Fluffy Fun! Enjoy this popular class on video! With this video, just 13 colored pencils and a few short hours you will be so happy with what you've created under British artist Judith Selcuk's expert guidance! Drawing fur doesn't have to be painstaking. Let Judith teach you how to simplify what can otherwise seem a daunting task. This workshop is based on Judith's extremely popular Jumpstart Fox Tutorial.  Even if you already have the lesson, nothing beats learning by watching! You'll have anytime-always video access. Learn at your own speed... and refer to it again and again.

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