Little Cutie Pajama Class

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Back By Popular Demand, Amy is Ready to Help YOU Master Even More Colors!

From Amy Lindenberger's Even More Colors: Workbook 2, we bring you this adorable "Little Cutie", drenched in different lighting and bursting with color! Gear up to learn straight from the artist who literally wrote the book on color!

Learn to Handle Color and Lighting Like a Pro!

Three Different Lighting Zones

This "Little Cutie" contains three very different lighting zones: warm, indirect, and cool. It can be tricky to capture these three light zones and still make the colors work together. In this class you'll learn how to use related colors of different values and how to choose the best complimentary colors to create very realistic lighting.

Understand Color Families

To create a realistic portrait, it's important to keep skin tones looking smooth. By knowing each pencil's color family and value, you'll be able to make very gradual color and value transitions. Amy will show you how to select colors that work together to create smooth transitions... and perfect finished portraits!

Color Mapping Techniques

Is color mapping a mystery? Not after this class! You'll learn how to own the color mapping technique and how to apply colors in a dark-to-light fashion from the start to dramatically improve your portrait work. Get ready to conquer skin tones and different lighting!

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"Fabulous Workshop! This workshop was so informative regarding color theory, hue, values, and intensity, that I ordered both of her books and signed up to attend all five of her workshops. Amy teaches a comprehensive and methodical way to understand color theory that totally demystifies it and clearly shows you how to apply it to your drawings."

"It takes great technique, great patience, and a great desire to help others improve to make a successful workshop, and Amy's got all of that. TOTALLY recommend this workshop, and any that Amy teaches. Kudos to the Kullberg team for making stellar use of Amy's massive skills!"

"Wonderful!! This webinar was wonderful and more than I expected. Now I can take my time and review everything with the very detailed explanations in the workbook. The webinar feels to me like I am working with Amy one-on-one! She is so thorough in her explanations. She is so peaceful in her presentation. I feel blessed to be a part of this class!!! Thank you, Amy."

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Purchase of Amy's Even More Colors: Workbook 2 is not a requirement for registration, however, you will get so much more out of class if you have the book and take a little time to scan it before joining Amy online. She will reference parts of the workbook and printable worksheets included when you order the workbook.

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