Iridescent Hummingbird
Pajama Class

January 4 & 6, 2022

3 Paths to Better Birds


Sometimes we just get in our own way, right?  We're trying so hard to draw something beautiful that we end up over-complicating.

Pearl starts simply.

You'll learn how to get started with a color map, minimal detail and a few tricks and tools to pave the way.

Make A Map.


You have a stylus.  Shoot, you probably have a bunch of them and I bet they mostly go unused and lonely? Afraid to do it wrong?

Pearl to the rescue.

We were amazed when we saw Pearl's bird come alive with her clever use of a stylus & blending pencil.  Feather problem solved!

You got this.


How many details? When do you add them? How much is too much or too little? Art is so much about making the right decisions.

Pearl will guide the way.

Birds should be fun to draw! They are the little jewels of the sky. Let Pearl show you how to draw them with pleasure and ease.

Get wings.

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Born in South Africa with a pencil in her hand, Pearl has a vibrant and friendly personality with a wicked sense of humor, a fun and relaxed approach to teaching, makes any student feel at home, and has an incredible way of bringing out the best in her pupils with her encouraging comments.

Recorded!That's right. All class instruction is recorded from start to finish. That means you can miss part of a class (or the whole thing) without losing out. And you have access to the recording forever, with unlimited viewings. Pause, replay, start again, raise the volume, mute it  - it's all in your control.  Collect class recordings for a rainy day!

Stress-freeNo travel.  No hotel.  No schlepping supplies from studio to class only to realize you forgot your sharpener. No need to pack a sweater - it's your thermostat! No packed lunch or restaurant bill.  And you don't have to worry about who you might sit next to - unless of course you have an overly affectionate (read: persistent) cat.

They're PersonalYou might not think a Zoom class could be, but they are. Your instructor is virtually right in front of you, with perfect camera angles for close-up demonstrations.  And we have an awesome way for you to share your work in progress so you get valuable feedback live, right during class.

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