Fabulous Freckles 

July 14, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Pacific

Do the freckles in your portraits look like polka dots?

Or even worse – like blemishes or mistakes? Drawing convincing freckles on a portrait is no easy task. A little too even and they look like polka dots. A little too small and they look like acne!

Create perfect freckles on Pastelmat with Francesca!

This one-day class will also show you how to fall in love with the remarkable Pastelmat: a textured, velvety, lush surface for colored pencil work. Learn the skills for a perfect nose and natural-looking freckles, too!


This is the perfect class if you want to learn the secret to brightening your portraits...  giving your subjects a sun-kissed look by adding those fabulous freckles.


In this Fabulous Freckles workshop Francesca will show you how to work from light to dark, using underpainting to achieve a realistic look and how to incorporate fine detail.


Learn, practice and gain confidence as Francesca guides you through this thorough, rewarding four-hour workshop. She'll show you discover how to create no-fail freckles!

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Limited to 30 students, so don’t hesitate.
You'll love learning from Francesca!

About Francesca Comparin

Francesca is a self-taught artist living in London. Her favorite subjects to draw are portraits, and when choosing a reference photo, she always tries to find a particular detail that captures her attention and makes the drawing even more special. Her artwork has won several awards in competitions.

Your in good hands with Francesca... Fabulous reviews from her Eyes All Day! class:

"So Informative! I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Francesca Is a wonderful teacher and I feel that she taught me new techniques that I can hardly wait to try!" 
--Elizabeth J. 

“We worked with colored pencils that I never used before (Caran d'Ache Luminance and Caran d'Ache Pablo). I am now hooked on Caran d'Ache! Francesca taught some great details that will make my future eye drawings really come to life. One of the best online classes I have taken.” 
--Louise H. 

"Wonderful Workshop! Francesca did a superb job of instructing the class. She had a chart she showed us with the pencils we would be using next. It had the name and a little swatch of color next to it. She asked us to show/send her our progress 4 different times. She would then critique our progress and give us suggestions. That really helped improve the outcome of my drawing. Great Class." 
--Mark M.

Francesca's Fabulous Artwork

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