Eyes All Day! Pajama Class

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"Eyes are Windows to the Soul..."

Despite being only a small part of the face, the eyes convey most of our emotions and tell the story of you. Every pigment in our irises is as beautiful and unique as you are. Once you learn to create the perfect eye with Francesca, you'll be able to capture the essence of your children, partner, grandchildren...

Capturing your loved ones forever, in a well-executed and accurate colored pencil portrait isn’t just fun, it’s incredibly rewarding.

Create the Perfect Eye on Pastelmat with Francesca!

Pastelmat paper is a favorite drawing surface of Francesca’s; textured, velvety, and able to accept many layers of color as well as fine details. It's the perfect surface to work on with all brands of pencils.


When you’re drawing a portrait, if you don’t have the eyes just right, the whole drawing goes flat, and we don’t want that! Learn how to create the illusion of depth in CP!


In this Eyes All Day! workshop Francesca will show you how to work from light to dark, using underpainting to achieve a realistic look and how to incorporate fine detail.


Learn, practice and gain confidence as Francesca guides you through this thorough, rewarding six -hour workshop. She'll help you discover how to create a perfect eye!

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Limited to 30 students, we're sure this class will fill quick as a whip, so don’t hesitate.
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About Francesca Comparin

Francesca is a self-taught artist living in London. Her favorite subjects to draw are portraits, and when choosing a reference photo, she always tries to find a particular detail that captures her attention and makes the drawing even more special. Her artwork has won several awards in competitions.

Francesca's Stunning Artwork

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